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Oct-2016High‐Performance Organic–Inorganic Hybrid Piezo‐Nanogenerator via Interface Enhanced Polarization Effects for Self‐Powered Electronic SystemsDHAKRAS, DIPTI; OGALE, SATISHCHANDRA; Dept. of Physics
Nov-2016CH3NH3Pb(BF4)3 and (C4H9NH3)2Pb(BF4)4 Family of 3D and 2D Perovskites without and with Iodide and Bromide Ions SubstitutionNagane, Satyawan; OGALE, SATISHCHANDRA; Dept. of Physics
Nov-2016CO2 Laser Direct Written MOF-Based Metal-Decorated and Heteroatom-Doped Porous Graphene for Flexible All-Solid-State Microsupercapacitor with Extremely High Cycling StabilityBASU, ANIRUDDHA; ROY, KINGSHUK; Sharma, Neha; NANDI, SHYAMAPADA; VAIDHYANATHAN, RAMANATHAN; Rane, Sunit; Rode, Chandrashekhar; OGALE, SATISHCHANDRA; Dept. of Physics
Feb-2017Phenothiazine‐Based D–A–π–A Dyes for Highly Efficient Dye‐Sensitized Solar Cells: Effect of Internal Acceptor and Non‐Conjugated π‐Spacer on Device PerformanceNagane, Satyawan; Ichake, Amol; Agrawal, Ishita; Sadhanala, Aditya; Friend, Richard H.; OGALE, SATISHCHANDRA; Wadgaonkar, Prakash P.; Dept. of Physics
Mar-2017g-C3N4 (2D)/CdS (1D)/rGO (2D) dual-interface nano-composite for excellent and stable visible light photocatalytic hydrogen generationTONDA, SURENDAR; Kumar, Santosh; GAWLI, YOGESH; BHARDWAJ, MONIKA; OGALE, SATISHCHANDRA; Dept. of Physics
Apr-2017On-axis pulsed laser deposition of hybrid perovskite films for solar cell and broadband photo-sensor applicationsBANSODE, UMESH; OGALE, SATISHCHANDRA; Dept. of Physics
Jun-2017CuCo2O4 nanowall morphology as Li-ion battery anode: Enhancing electrochemical performance through stoichiometry controlBHARDWAJ, MONIKA; Suryawanshi, Anil; Fernandes, Rohan; TONDA, SURENDAR; Banerjee, Abhik; Kothari, Dushyant; OGALE, SATISHCHANDRA; Dept. of Physics
Jul-2017Low-dimensional hybrid perovskites as high performance anodes for alkali-ion batteriesTathavadekar, Mukta; Krishnamurthy, Shrreya; Banerjee, Aparna; Nagane, Satyawan; GAWLI, YOGESH; Suryawanshi, Anil; Bhat, Suresh; PUTHUSSERI, DHANYA; Mohite, Aditya D.; OGALE, SATISHCHANDRA; Dept. of Physics
Jul-2017Hexaphosphate‐Derived Phosphorus‐Functionalized Carbon for Lithium‐Ion Battery AnodeGAWLI, YOGESH; WAHID, MALIK; Fernandes, Rohan; Kothari, Dushyant; Shelke, Manjusha; OGALE, SATISHCHANDRA; Dept. of Physics
Jul-2017Nutty Carbon: Morphology Replicating Hard Carbon from Walnut Shell for Na Ion Battery AnodeWahid, Malik; Gawli, Yogesh; Puthusseri, Dhanya; Kumar, Ajay; Shelke, Manjusha V.; OGALE, SATISHCHANDRA; Dept. of Physics
Aug-2017Nanotubular Hard Carbon Derived from Renewable Natural Seed Gel for High Performance Sodium‐Ion Battery AnodeSharma, Neha; GAWLI, YOGESH; Ahmad, Absar; MUHAMMED, MUSTHAFA; OGALE, SATISHCHANDRA; Dept. of Physics; Dept. of Chemistry
Sep-2017Building Comprehensive Networks to Address the Sustainable Energy Challenge with Focus on Rural IndiaRobertson, Neil; Shinton, Sara; Karve, Priyadarshini; OGALE, SATISHCHANDRA; Dept. of Physics
Oct-2017High Quality Hybrid Perovskite Semiconductor Thin Films with Remarkably Enhanced Luminescence and Defect Suppression via Quaternary Alkyl Ammonium Salt Based TreatmentNAPHADE, ROUNAK; Zhao, Baodan; Richter, Johannes M.; Booker, Edward; Krishnamurthy, Shrreya; Friend, Richard H.; Sadhanala, Aditya; OGALE, SATISHCHANDRA; Dept. of Physics
Oct-2017Synthetic Manipulation of Hybrid Perovskite Systems in Search of New and Enhanced FunctionalitiesNAPHADE, ROUNAK; Nagane, Satyawan; BANSODE, UMESH; Tathavadekar, Mukta; Sadhanala, Aditya; OGALE, SATISHCHANDRA; Dept. of Physics
Nov-2017Room-Temperature Activation of CO2 by Dual Defect-Stabilized Nanoscale Hematite (Fe2-delta O3-v): Concurrent Role of Fe and O VacanciesNagaraju, Divya; Gupta, Sharad; Kumar, Deepak; Jijil, Chamundi P.; Bhat, Suresh K.; Jagadeesan, Dinesh; OGALE, SATISHCHANDRA; Dept. of Physics
Dec-2017g-C3N4/NiAl-LDH 2D/2D Hybrid Heterojunction for High-Performance Photocatalytic Reduction of CO2 into Renewable FuelsTONDA, SURENDAR; Kumar, Santosh; BHARDWAJ, MONIKA; Yadav, Poonam; OGALE, SATISHCHANDRA; Dept. of Chemistry; Dept. of Physics
Dec-2017Hard Carbon and Li4Ti5O12-Based Physically Mixed Anodes for Superior Li-Battery Performance with Significantly Reduced Li Content: A Case of Synergistic Materials CooperationSHARMA, NEHA; PUTHUSSERI, DHANYA; THOTIYL, MUSTHAFA OTTAKAM; OGALE, SATISHCHANDRA; Dept. of Chemistry; Dept. of Physics
Feb-2018Lead-Free Perovskite Semiconductors Based on Germanium-Tin Solid Solutions: Structural and Optoelectronic PropertiesOGALE, SATISHCHANDRA; Nagane, Satyawan et al.; Dept. of Physics
Feb-2018Hard Carbons for Sodium‐Ion Battery Anodes: Synthetic Strategies, Material Properties, and Storage MechanismsWAHID, MALIK; PUTHUSSERI, DHANYA; GAWLI, YOGESH; Sharma, Neha; OGALE, SATISHCHANDRA; Dept. of Chemistry; Dept. of Physics