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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2018Gender-sensitization in Indian science: attitudes and action itemsTole, Shubha; SHASHIDHARA, L.S.; Dept. of Biology
Jul-2018The Drosophila Hox gene Ultrabithorax controls appendage shape by regulating extracellular matrix dynamicsDe las Heras, Joseprime M.; Garcia-Cortes, Celia; Foronda, David; Carlos Pastor-Pareja, Jose; SHASHIDHARA, L.S.; Sanchez-Herrero, Ernesto; Dept. of Biology
2019Educational strategies to achieve global awareness of climate change and its impactCHOPRA, RAHUL; NAGARAJAN, ANITA; JOSHI, APARNA; Fomproix, Nathalie; SHASHIDHARA, L.S.; Dept. of Biology
2019Climate Change Education Across the CurriculumCHOPRA, RAHUL; JOSHI, APARNA; NAGARAJAN, ANITA; Fomproix, Nathalie; SHASHIDHARA, L.S.; Leal Filho, Walter; Hemstock, Sarah L.; Dept. of Biology
Oct-2019Integrating Climate Change Education Across the CurriculumSHASHIDHARA, L.S.; Dept. of Biology
May-2020Rare diseases in India: time for cure-driven policy initiatives and actionTaneja, Anjali; SHASHIDHARA, L.S.; Bhattacharya, Alok; Dept. of Biology
Jun-2020Haltere development in D. melanogaster: implications for the evolution of appendage size, shape and functionKHAN, SOUMEN; DILSHA, C.; SHASHIDHARA, L.S.; Dept. of Biology
Aug-2020Meta-Analysis of Prevalence of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer and Its Clinical Features at Incidence in Indian Patients With Breast CancerKULKARNI, APURV; Kelkar, Devaki A.; PARIKH, NIDHI; SHASHIDHARA, L.S.; Koppiker, Chaitanyanand B.; Kulkarni, Madhura; Dept. of Biology
Sep-2020Promoter Proximal Pausing Limits Tumorous Growth Induced by the Yki Transcription Factor in DrosophilaNAGARKAR, SANKET; WASNIK, RUCHI; GOVADA, PRAVALLIKA; Cohen, Stephen; SHASHIDHARA, L.S.; Dept. of Biology
Jun-2021Breast cancer biobank from a single institutional cohort in an urban setting in india: Tumor characteristics and survival outcomesBusheri, Laleh; Dixit, Santosh; Patil, Ankita; Kushwaha, Roli; Kelkar, Devaki A.; SHASHIDHARA, L.S.; Kulkarni, Madhura et al.; Dept. of Biology
Jul-2021Developmental Robustness: The Haltere Case in DrosophilaGiraud, Guillaume; Paul, Rachel; Duffraisse, Marilyne; KHAN, SOUMEN; SHASHIDHARA, L.S.; Merabet, Samir; Dept. of Biology
Mar-2022Analyzing the influence of IL18 in regulation of YAP1 in breast oncogenesis using cBioportalRAHMAN, AYESHA; SHASHIDHARA, L.S.; Dept. of Biology