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Aug-2011DOG1 expression is predicted by the seed?maturation environment and contributes to geographical variation in germination in Arabidopsis thalianaChiang, G.C.K.; Bartsch, M.; BARUA, DEEPAK; Nakabayashi, K.; Debieu, M.; Kronholm, I.; Koornneef, M.; Soppe, W.J.J.; Donohue, K.; de Meaux, J.; Dept. of Biology
Jan-2012Natural variation in germination responses of Arabidopsis to seasonal cues and their associated physiological mechanismsBARUA, DEEPAK; Butler, Colleen; Tisdale, Tracy E.; Donohue, Kathleen; Dept. of Biology
Mar-2012Seed after‐ripening and dormancy determine adult life history independently of germination timingCasas, Rafael Rubio de; Kovach, Katherine; Dittmar, Emily; BARUA, DEEPAK; Barco, Brenden; Donohue, Kathleen; Dept. of Biology
May-2012Maternal effects alter natural selection on phytochromes through seed germinationDonohue, Kathleen; BARUA, DEEPAK; Butler, Colleen; Tisdale, Tracy E.; Dittmar, Emily; Chiang ,George C. K.; Casas, Rafael Rubio de; Dept. of Biology
Mar-2013Pleiotropy in the wild: the dormancy gene DOG1 exerts cascading control on life cyclesChiang, George C. K.; BARUA, DEEPAK; Dittmar, Emily; Kramer, Elena M.; Casas, Rafael Rubio de; Donohue, Kathleen; Dept. of Biology
Jul-2015Perceptions of priority issues in the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems in IndiaBARUA, DEEPAK; Varma, V.,; Dept. of Biology
May-2017A dominant dwarf shrub increases diversity of herbaceous plant communities in a Trans-Himalayan rangelandIYENGAR,SIDDHARTH BHARATH; Bagchi, Sumanta; BARUA, DEEPAK; Mishra, Charudutt; Sankaran, Mahesh; Dept. of Biology
Sep-2017Leaf thermotolerance in tropical trees from a seasonally dry climate varies along the slow-fast resource acquisition spectrumSASTRY, ANIRUDDH; BARUA, DEEPAK; Dept. of Biology
Feb-2018Leaf thermotolerance in dry tropical forest tree species: relationships with leaf traits and effects of droughtSASTRY, ANIRUDDH; GUHA, ANIRBAN; BARUA, DEEPAK; Dept. of Biology
Dec-2018Hydraulic anatomy affects genotypic variation in plant water use and shows differential organ specific plasticity to drought in Sorghum bicolorGUHA, ANIRBAN; CHHAJED, S. S.; Choudhary, S.; SUNNY, RON; Jansen, S.; BARUA, DEEPAK; Dept. of Biology
Jan-2019Dry-forest tree species with large seeds and low stem specific density show greater survival under droughtKrishnan, Lalitha; BARUA, DEEPAK; Sankaran, Mahesh; Dept. of Biology
Jun-2020High herkogamy but low reciprocity characterizes isoplethic populations of Jasminum malabaricum , a species with stigma‐height dimorphismGANGULY, S.; BARUA, DEEPAK; Dept. of Biology
Jun-2021Striking between-population floral divergences in a habitat specialized plantRahim, Sumayya Abdul; Kodandaramaiah, Ullasa; KULKARNI, ABOLI; BARUA, DEEPAK; Dept. of Biology
Jul-2021Increased variation in sex organ positions can increase reciprocity and pollination success in heterostylous plant populationsGANGULY, SHATARUPA; SHREENIDHI, P.M.; BARUA, DEEPAK; Dept. of Biology
Nov-2021Inter-morph pollen flow and reproductive success in a self-compatible species with stigma-height dimorphism: the influence of herkogamy and reciprocityGANGULY, S.; BARUA, DEEPAK; Dept. of Biology