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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2013The Hydra small ubiquitin‐like modifierKhan, Umair; Mehere, Prajwalini; DEIVASIGAMANI, SENTHILKUMAR; RATNAPARKHI, GIRISH S.; Dept. of Biology
Jan-2014A genetic screen identifies Tor as an interactor of VAPB in a Drosophila model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosisDEIVASIGAMANI, SENTHILKUMAR; Verma, Hemant Kumar; Ueda, Ryu; Ratnaparkhi, Anuradha; RATNAPARKHI, GIRISH S.; Dept. of Biology
May-2015Drosophila models of motor neuron diseaseRATNAPARKHI, GIRISH S.; DEIVASIGAMANI, SENTHILKUMAR; Dept. of Biology; 20093030
Oct-2015A Presynaptic Regulatory System Acts Transsynaptically via Mon1 to Regulate Glutamate Receptor Levels in DrosophilaDEIVASIGAMANI, SENTHILKUMAR; Basargekar, Anagha; Kumari , Shweta; Sonavane, Pooja; RATNAPARKHI, GIRISH S.; Ratnaparkhi, Anuradha; Dept. of Biology
Jan-2018RDGBα localization and function at membrane contact sites is regulated by FFAT–VAP interactionsYadav, Shweta; Thakur, Rajan; Georgiev, Plamen; DEIVASIGAMANI, SENTHILKUMAR; Krishnan, Harini; RATNAPARKHI, GIRISH S.; Raghu Padinjat; Dept. of Biology
Jan-2019SOD1 activity threshold and TOR signalling modulate VAP(P58S) aggregation via ROS-induced proteasomal degradation in a Drosophila model of Amyotrophic Lateral SclerosisCHAPLOT, KRITI; PIMPALE, LOKESH; Ramalingam, Balaji; DEIVASIGAMANI, SENTHILKUMAR; KAMAT, SIDDHESH S.; RATNAPARKHI, GIRISH S.; Dept. of Biology
Aug-2019Monensin Sensitive 1 Regulates Dendritic Arborization in Drosophila by Modulating Endocytic FluxHARISH, ROHIT KRISHNAN; TENDULKAR, SHWETA; DEIVASIGAMANI, SENTHILKUMAR; Ratnaparkhi, Anuradha; RATNAPARKHI, GIRISH S.; Dept. of Biology