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Apr-2017Improvement of drug delivery by hyperthermia treatment using magnetic cubic cobalt ferrite nanoparticlesDey, Chaitali; Baishya, Kaushik; GHOSH, ARUP; Goswami, Madhuri Mandal; Ghosh, Ajay; Mandal, Kalyan; Dept. of Physics
Jul-2017Effect of hydrostatic pressure on the magnetic, exchange bias and magnetocaloric properties of Ni45.5Co2Mn37.5Sn15Arumugam, S.; Ghosh, Subrata; GHOSH, ARUP; DEVARAJAN, U.; Kannan, M.; Govindaraj, L.; Mandal, Kalyan; Dept. of Physics
Apr-2018Magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of Gd-doped Mn-Ni-Sn alloysGHOSH, ARUP; NAIR, SUNIL; Dept. of Physics
May-2018Reversible magnetocaloric effect and critical exponent analysis in Mn-Fe-Ni-Sn Heusler alloysGhosh, Subrata; GHOSH, ARUP; Mandal, Kalyan; Dept. of Physics
Dec-2018Large anomalous Nernst effect across the magneto-structural transition in a bulk Ni-Co-Mn-Sn full Heusler alloyGHOSH, ARUP; DE, AVIRUP; NAIR, SUNIL; Dept. of Physics
Apr-2019Measurement independent magnetocaloric effect in Mn-rich Mn-Fe-Ni-Sn (Sb/In) Heusler alloysGHOSH, ARUP; Rawat, Rajeev; Bhattacharyya, Arpan; Mandal, Guruprasad; Nigam, A. K.; NAIR, SUNIL; Dept. of Physics
Jan-2020Temperature Dependence of the Spin Seebeck Effect in a Mixed Valent ManganiteDE, AVIRUP; GHOSH, ARUP; MANDAL, RAJESH; OGALE, SATISHCHANDRA; NAIR, SUNIL; Dept. of Physics
Oct-2021Suppression of spinodal instability by disorder in an athermal systemBar, Tapas; GHOSH, ARUP; Banerjee, Anurag; Dept. of Physics