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Jan-2011Isotope Effects on the Nonequilibrium Dynamics of Ultrafast Photoinduced Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer Reactions in SolutionHAZRA, ANIRBAN; Soudackov, Alexander V.; Hammes-Schiffera, Sharon; Dept. of Chemistry
May-2011Photoelectron imaging spectroscopy and theoretical investigation of ZrSiGunaratne, K. Don Dasitha; HAZRA, ANIRBAN; Castleman, A. W.; Dept. of Chemistry
Oct-2011Multidimensional treatment of stochastic solvent dynamics in photoinduced proton-coupled electron transfer processes: Sequential, concerted, and complex branching mechanismsSoudackov, Alexander V.; HAZRA, ANIRBAN; Hammes-Schiffera, Sharon; Dept. of Chemistry
Mar-2013Benzosultines as Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) DonorsMALWAL, SATISH R.; GUDEM, MAHESH; HAZRA, ANIRBAN; CHAKRAPANI, HARINATH; Dept. of Chemistry
Aug-2014Estimating Franck-Condon factors using an NMR quantum processorJoshi, Sharad; Shukla, Abhishek; Katiyar, Hemant; HAZRA, ANIRBAN; MAHESH, T. S.; Dept. of Physics
Feb-2015Theoretical Study of Structural Changes in DNA under High External Hydrostatic PressureKumar, Sudheer; MUKHERJEE, ARNAB; HAZRA, ANIRBAN; Dept. of Chemistry
Jun-2016Helping Students Understand the Role of Symmetry in Chemistry Using the Particle-in-a-Box ModelManae, Meghna A.; HAZRA, ANIRBAN; Dept. of Chemistry
Apr-2017Pathways for Excited-State Nonradiative Decay of 5,6-Dihydroxyindole, a Building Block of EumelaninDatar, Avdhoot; HAZRA, ANIRBAN; Dept. of Chemistry
May-2017?-Stacked Dimers of Fluorophenylacetylenes: Role of Dipole MomentMondal, Sohidul Islam; Sen, Saumik; HAZRA, ANIRBAN; Patwari, Naresh; Dept. of Chemistry
May-2017Intramolecular cascade rearrangements of enynamine derived ketenimines: access to acyclic and cyclic amidinesChauhan, Dinesh Pratapsinh; Varma, Sreejith Jayasree; GUDEM, MAHESH; Panigrahi, Nihar; Singh, Khushboo; HAZRA, ANIRBAN; TALUKDAR, PINAKI; Dept. of Chemistry
Jul-2017Interplay between Conjugation and Size-Driven Delocalization Leads to Characteristic Properties of Substituted ThyminesManae, Meghna A.; HAZRA, ANIRBAN; Dept. of Chemistry
Jul-2017Transition-Metal-Free CH Hydroxylation of Carbonyl CompoundsCHAUDHARI, MORESHWAR B.; Sutar, Yogesh; MALPATHAK, SHREYAS; HAZRA, ANIRBAN; GNANAPRAKASAM, BOOPATHY; Dept. of Chemistry
May-2018Intersystem Crossing Drives Photoisomerization in o-Nitrotoluene, a Model for Photolabile Caged CompoundsGUDEM, MAHESH; HAZRA, ANIRBAN; Dept. of Chemistry
Jan-2019Graphical Representation of Hydrogenic Orbitals: Incorporating Both Radial and Angular Parts of the Wave FunctionMANAE, MEGHNA A.; HAZRA, ANIRBAN; Dept. of Chemistry
Jan-2019Mechanism of the Chemiluminescent Reaction between Nitric Oxide and OzoneGUDEM, MAHESH; HAZRA, ANIRBAN; Dept. of Chemistry
Dec-2019Triplet Decay Dynamics in Sulfur-Substituted Thymine: How Position of Substitution MattersMANAE, MEGHNA A.; HAZRA, ANIRBAN; Dept. of Chemistry
Apr-2020Bend-to-Break: Curvilinear Proton Transfer in Phenol-Ammonia ClustersSadhukhan, Debopriya; HAZRA, ANIRBAN; Patwari, G. Naresh; Dept. of Chemistry
2021Peptide bond planarity constrains hydrogen bond geometry and influences secondary structure conformationsTan, Kuan Pern; SINGH, KHUSHBOO; HAZRA, ANIRBAN; MADHUSUDHAN, M. S.; Dept. of Biology; Dept. of Chemistry
Mar-2021The Curious Case of Aqueous Warfarin: Structural Isomers or Distinct Excited States?Sakpal, Sushil S.; Ghosh, Deborin; MANAE, MEGHNA A.; HAZRA, ANIRBAN; Bagchi, Sayan; Dept. of Chemistry
Jul-2021Book Review: Entropy for Smart Kids and Their Curious ParentsHAZRA, ANIRBAN; MUKHERJEE, ARNAB; Dept. of Chemistry