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Mar-2017g-C3N4 (2D)/CdS (1D)/rGO (2D) dual-interface nano-composite for excellent and stable visible light photocatalytic hydrogen generationTONDA, SURENDAR; Kumar, Santosh; GAWLI, YOGESH; BHARDWAJ, MONIKA; OGALE, SATISHCHANDRA; Dept. of Physics
Mar-2017Noradrenergic inputs from locus coeruleus to posterior ventral tegmental area are essential to support ethanol reinforcementShelkar, Gajanan P.; Kumar, Santosh; Singru, Praful S.; SUBHEDAR, NISHIKANT K.; Kokare, Dadasaheb M.; Dept. of Biology
Dec-2017g-C3N4/NiAl-LDH 2D/2D Hybrid Heterojunction for High-Performance Photocatalytic Reduction of CO2 into Renewable FuelsTONDA, SURENDAR; Kumar, Santosh; BHARDWAJ, MONIKA; Yadav, Poonam; OGALE, SATISHCHANDRA; Dept. of Chemistry; Dept. of Physics
Jun-2018Exact distribution of spacing ratios for random and localized states in quantum chaotic systemsTekur, S. Harshini; Kumar, Santosh; SANTHANAM, M. S.; Dept. of Physics
Jan-2019Direct Z-Scheme g-C3N4/FeWO4 Nanocomposite for Enhanced and Selective Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction under Visible LightBHOSALE, RESHMA; JAIN, SRASHTI; Vinod, Chathakudath P.; Kumar, Santosh; OGALE, SATISHCHANDRA; Dept. of Physics
Jul-2019Photocatalytic Activation and Reduction of CO2 to CH4 over Single Phase Nano Cu3SnS4: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical StudySHARMA, NEHA; DAS, TILAK; Kumar, Santosh; BHOSALE, RESHMA; KABIR, MUKUL; OGALE, SATISHCHANDRA; Dept. of Physics
2020Two-dimensional materials for photocatalytic water splitting and CO2 reductionBHOSALE, RESHMA; Tonda, Surendar; Kumar, Santosh; OGALE, SATISHCHANDRA; Boukherroub, Rabah; OGALE, SATISHCHANDRA B.; Robertson, Neil; Dept. of Physics