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Apr-2017Exceptionally stable Bakelite-type polymers for efficient pre-combustion CO2 capture and H2 purificationNANDI, SHYAMAPADA; Rother, Jens; Chakraborty, Debanjan; MAITY, RAHUL; Werner-Zwanzigerd, Ulrike; VAIDHYANATHAN, RAMANATHAN; Dept. of Chemistry
Apr-2018Preferential Adsorption of CO2 in an Ultramicroporous MOF with Cavities Lined by Basic Groups and Open-Metal SitesNANDI, SHYAMAPADA; MAITY, RAHUL; CHAKRABORTY, DEBANJAN; BALLAV, NIRMALYA; VAIDHYANATHAN, RAMANATHAN; Dept. of Chemistry
Oct-2018Microporous mixed-metal mixed-ligand metal organic framework for selective CO2 captureMAITY, RAHUL; Chakraborty, Debanjan; NANDI, SHYAMAPADA; Rinku, Kushwaha; VAIDHYANATHAN, RAMANATHAN; Dept. of Chemistry
Oct-2018Potential of ultramicroporous metal-organic frameworks in CO2 clean-upShalini, Sorout; NANDI, SHYAMAPADA; JUSTIN, ANITA; MAITY, RAHUL; VAIDHYANATHAN, RAMANATHAN; Dept. of Chemistry
Aug-2019Aqueous-Phase Differentiation and Speciation of Fe3+ and Fe2+ Using Water-Stable Photoluminescent Lanthanide-Based Metal-Organic FrameworkMAITY, RAHUL; CHAKRABORTY, DEBANJAN; NANDI, SHYAMAPADA; YADAV, ANKIT KUMAR; MULLANGI, DINESH; Vinod, C. P.; VAIDHYANATHAN, RAMANATHAN; Dept. of Chemistry
Aug-2019Carbon Derived from Soft Pyrolysis of a Covalent Organic Framework as a Support for Small-Sized RuO2 Showing Exceptionally Low Overpotential for Oxygen Evolution ReactionCHAKRABORTY, DEBANJAN; NANDI, SHYAMAPADA; Illathvalappil, Rajith; MULLANGI, DINESH; MAITY, RAHUL; Singh, Santosh K.; HALDAR, SATTWICK; Vinod, Chathakudath P.; Kurungot, Sreekumar; VAIDHYANATHAN, RAMANATHAN; Dept. of Chemistry
Oct-2019Water-stable Adenine-based MOFs with Polar Pores for Selective CO2 CaptureMAITY, RAHUL; SINGH, HIMAN DEV; YADAV, ANKIT KUMAR; CHAKRABORTY, DEBANJAN; VAIDHYANATHAN, RAMANATHAN; Dept. of Chemistry
Nov-2019Pyridine-Rich Covalent Organic Frameworks as High-Performance Solid-State SupercapacitorsHALDAR, SATTWICK; KUSHWAHA, RINKU; MAITY, RAHUL; VAIDHYANATHAN, RAMANATHAN; Dept. of Chemistry
Nov-2019Imparting gas selective and pressure dependent porosity into a non-porous solid via coordination flexibilityNANDI, SHYAMAPADA; Luna, Phil De; MAITY, RAHUL; CHAKRABORTY, DEBANJAN; Daff, Thomas; Burns, Thomas; Woo, Tom; VAIDHYANATHAN, RAMANATHAN; Dept. of Chemistry
Oct-2020An Ultra-Microporous Metal-Organic Framework with Exceptional Xe CapacityCHAKRABORTY, DEBANJAN; NANDI, SHYAMAPADA; MAITY, RAHUL; Motkuri, Radha Kishan; Han, Kee Sung; Collins, Sean; Humble, Paul; Hayes, James C.; Woo, Tom K.; VAIDHYANATHAN, RAMANATHAN; Thallapally, Praveen K.; Dept. of Chemistry
Jan-2021Crafting pore architecture of water-stable microporous MOFs for selective CO2 captureVAIDHYANATHAN, RAMANATHAN; MAITY, RAHUL; Dept. of Chemistry; 20153366
Jun-2021Deciphering the Weak CO2···Framework Interactions in Microporous MOFs Functionalized with Strong Adsorption Sites—A Ubiquitous ObservationNANDI, SHYAMAPADA; SINGH, HIMAN DEV; CHAKRABORTY, DEBANJAN; MAITY, RAHUL; VAIDHYANATHAN, RAMANATHAN; Dept. of Chemistry
Nov-2021Three in One: Triple G-C-T Base-Coded Brahma Nucleobase Amino Acid: Synthesis, Peptide Formation, and Structural FeaturesWagh, Mahendra A.; MAITY, RAHUL; Bhosale, Rohit J.; Semwal, Divyam; Tothadi, Srinu; VAIDHYANATHAN, RAMANATHAN; Sanjayan, Gangadhar J.; Dept. of Chemistry