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Nov-2017Colloidal Synthesis and Photophysics of M3Sb2I9 (M=Cs and Rb) Nanocrystals: Leadā€Free PerovskitesPAL, JAYA; MANNA, SUMAN; Mondal, Anirban; Das, Shyamashis; Adarsh, K. V.; NAG, ANGSHUMAN; Dept. of Chemistry
Apr-2018Synthesis and Optical Properties of Colloidal M3Bi2I9 (M = Cs, Rb) Perovskite NanocrystalsPAL, JAYA; Chakraborty, Sudip; MANNA, SUMAN; Das, Shyamashis; DEWAN, ANWESHI; DATTA, SHOUVIK; NAG, ANGSHUMAN; BHUNIA, AMIT; Dept. of Chemistry; Dept. of Physics
Dec-2018A Vinyl-Boronate Ester-Based Persulfide Donor Controllable by Hydrogen Peroxide, a Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)BORA, PRERONA; Chauhan, Preeti; MANNA, SUMAN; CHAKRAPANI, HARINATH; Dept. of Chemistry
Oct-2021Leveraging an Enzyme/ Artificial Substrate System to Enhance Cellular Persulfides and Mitigate NeuroinflammationBORA, PRERONA; MANNA, SUMAN; NAIR, MRUTYUNJAY; SATHE, RUPALI R. M.; SINGH, SHUBHAM; ADURY, VENKATA SAI SREYAS; Gupta, Kavya; MUKHERJEE, ARNAB; Saini, Deepak K.; KAMAT, SIDDHESH S.; HAZRA, AMRITA B.; CHAKRAPANI, HARINATH; Dept. of Biology; Dept. of Chemistry
Mar-2023A modular scaffold for triggerable and tunable nitroxyl (HNO) generation with a fluorescence reporterSAWASE, LAXMAN R.; JISHNU, C., V.; MANNA, SUMAN; CHAKRAPANI, HARINATH; Dept. of Chemistry
Apr-2023Enhancing Cellular Persulfides through Artificial Substrate of 3-Mercaptopyruvate Sulfurtansferase (3-MST)CHAKRAPANI, HARINATH; MANNA, SUMAN; Dept. of Chemistry; 20162021