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Oct-2018Tripodal cyanurates as selective transmembrane Cl- transportersMONDAL, DEBASHIS; SATHYAN, ANJANA; Shinde, Sopan Valiba; MISHRA, KAMAL K.; TALUKDAR, PINAKI; Dept. of Chemistry
Oct-2021Stimuli-Responsive Anion Transport through Acylhydrazone-Based Synthetic AnionophoresAHMAD, MANZOOR; CHATTOPADHAYAY, SANDIP; MONDAL, DEBASHIS; Vijayakanth, Thangavel; TALUKDAR, PINAKI; Dept. of Chemistry
Dec-2021Development of Biomimetic Systems for the Transportation of Ions and Water across Lipid Bilayer MembranesTALUKDAR, PINAKI; MONDAL, DEBASHIS; Dept. of Chemistry; 20163427
Jan-2022Anion Recognition through Multivalent C–H Hydrogen Bonds: Anion-Induced Foldamer Formation and Transport across Phospholipid MembranesMONDAL, DEBASHIS; AHMAD, MANZOOR; PANWARIA, PRAKASH; UPADHYAY, AVISIKTA; TALUKDAR, PINAKI; Dept. of Chemistry
Jun-2022Chloride Transport across Liposomes and Cells by Nontoxic 3-(1H-1,2,3-Triazol-1-yl)benzamidesMALLA, JAVID AHMAD; UPADHYAY, AVISIKTA; GHOSH, PULAK; MONDAL, DEBASHIS; MONDAL, ABHISHEK; Sharma, Shilpy; TALUKDAR, PINAKI; Dept. of Chemistry
Jun-2022Reversible Stimuli-Responsive Transmembrane Ion Transport using Phenylhydrazone-Based PhotoswitchesAHMAD, MANZOOR; MONDAL, DEBASHIS; ROY,NAVEEN J.; Vijayakanth, Thangavel; TALUKDAR, PINAKI; Dept. of Chemistry
Sep-2022Selective and rapid water transportation across a self-assembled peptide-diol channel via the formation of a dual water arrayMONDAL, DEBASHIS; Dandekar, Bhupendra R.; AHMAD, MANZOOR; MONDAL, ABHISHEK; Mondal, Jagannath; TALUKDAR, PINAKI; Dept. of Chemistry
Oct-2022Formation of supramolecular channels by reversible unwinding-rewinding of bis(indole) double helix via ion coordinationMONDAL, DEBASHIS; AHMAD, MANZOOR; Dey, Bijoy; MONDAL, ABHISHEK; TALUKDAR, PINAKI; Dept. of Chemistry
Feb-2023Progress and prospects toward supramolecular bioactive ion transportersMONDAL, ABHISHEK; AHMAD, MANZOOR; MONDAL, DEBASHIS; TALUKDAR, PINAKI; Dept. of Chemistry
Feb-2023Nontoxic Artificial Chloride Channel Formation in Epithelial Cells by Isophthalic Acid-Based Small MoleculesMONDAL, ABHISHEK; Barik, Ganesh Kumar; Sarkar, Susmita; MONDAL, DEBASHIS; AHMAD, MANZOOR; Vijayakanth, Thangavel; Mondal, Jagannath; Santra, Manas Kumar; TALUKDAR, PINAKI; Dept. of Chemistry
May-2023A Benzohydrazide-Based Artificial Ion Channel that Modulates Chloride Ion Concentration in Cancer Cells and Induces Apoptosis by Disruption of AutophagyMONDAL,ABHISHEK; Save, Shreyada N.; Sarkar, Susmita; MONDAL, DEBASHIS; Mondal, Jagannath; Sharma, Shilpy; TALUKDAR, PINAKI; Dept. of Chemistry
Sep-2023Photocontrolled activation of doubly o-nitrobenzyl-protected small molecule benzimidazoles leads to cancer cell deathAHMAD, MANZOOR; ROY, NAVEEN J.; SINGH, ANURAG; MONDAL, DEBASHIS; MONDAL, ABHISHEK; Vijayakanth,  Thangavel; LAHIRI, MAYURIKA; TALUKDAR, PINAKI ; Dept. of Biology; Dept. of Chemistry