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Aug-2013Novel self-assembled lithocholic acid nanoparticles for drug delivery in cancerPatil, Sumersing; PATIL, SOHAN; Gawali, Suhas; Shende, Shrikant; Jadhav, Shraddha; BASU, SUDIPTA; Dept. of Chemistry
Sep-2013Synthesis, characterization and in vitro evaluation of novel vitamin D3 nanoparticles as a versatile platform for drug delivery in cancer therapyPatil, Sumersing; Gawali, Suhas; PATIL, SOHAN; BASU, SUDIPTA; Dept. of Chemistry
Oct-2016Biological Activity of Coumarin Derivatives as Anti-Leishmanial AgentsMandlik, Vineetha; PATIL, SOHAN; Bopanna, Ramanamurthy; BASU, SUDIPTA; Singh, Shailza; Dept. of Chemistry
Feb-2018Impairing Powerhouse in Colon Cancer Cells by Hydrazide-Hydrazone-Based Small MoleculePATIL, SOHAN; KUMAN, MEENU MAHESH; Palvai, Sandeep; Sengupta, Poulomi; BASU, SUDIPTA; Dept. of Chemistry
Mar-2018Iron-Catalyzed Batch/Continuous Flow C–H Functionalization Module for the Synthesis of Anticancer PeroxidesCHAUDHARI, MORESHWAR B.; MOORTHY, SURESH; PATIL, SOHAN; BISHT, GIRISH SINGH; MOHAMED, HANEEF; BASU, SUDIPTA; GNANAPRAKASAM, BOOPATHY; Dept. of Chemistry
Jun-2019Hydrazide-Hydrazone Small Molecules as AIEgens: Illuminating Mitochondria in Cancer CellsPATIL, SOHAN; PANDEY, SHALINI; Singh, Amit; Radhakrishna, Mithun; Basu, Sudipta; Dept. of Chemistry
Dec-2019Development of small molecules to impair and image mitochondria in cancer cellsBASU, SUDIPTA; BALLAV, NIRMALYA; PATIL, SOHAN; Dept. of Chemistry; 20143330
Jan-2020Mitochondrial Impairment by Cyanine-Based Small Molecules Induces Apoptosis in Cancer CellsPATIL, SOHAN; Ghosh, Deepshikha; Radhakrishna, Mithun; Basu, Sudipta; Dept. of Chemistry
May-2020Spatial targeting of Bcl-2 on endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria in cancer cells by lipid nanoparticlesPANDEY, SHALINI; PATIL, SOHAN; BALLAV, NIRMALYA; Basu, Sudipta; Dept. of Chemistry