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Nov-2017Formation and Stability of Prebiotically Relevant Vesicular Systems in Terrestrial Geothermal EnvironmentsJoshi, Manesh Prakash; SAMANTA, ANUPAM; TRIPATHY, GYANA RANJAN; RAJAMANI, SUDHA; Dept. of Biology
Jun-2019Temporal Variations in Water Chemistry of the (Lower) Brahmaputra River: Implications to Seasonality in Mineral WeatheringSAMANTA, ANUPAM; TRIPATHY, GYANA RANJAN; DAS, RITIMA; Dept. of Earth and Climate Science
Feb-2021Major ion chemistry of two cratonic rivers in the tropics: Weathering rates and their controlling factorsSAMANTA, ANUPAM; TRIPATHY, GYANA RANJAN; PRADEEP, ASWIN T.; MANDAL, ANIRBAN; Dept. of Earth and Climate Science
Feb-2022Holocene variability in chemical weathering and ocean redox state: A reconstruction using sediment geochemistry of the Arabian SeaSAMANTA, ANUPAM; TRIPATHY, GYANA RANJAN; Nath, B. Nagender; Bhushan, Ravi; Panchang, Rajani; Bharti, Nisha; Shrivastava, Ankush; Dept. of Earth and Climate Science
Feb-2022Weathering and climate linkage at seasonal to kilo-year timescales: Evidence from water and sediment chemistryTRIPATHY, GYANA RANJAN; SAMANTA, ANUPAM; Dept. of Earth and Climate Science; 20163453
May-2022The late Holocene hydroclimate variability in the Northwest Himalaya: Sedimentary clues from the Wular Lake, Kashmir ValleyLone, Aasif Mohmad; Singh, Satinder Pal; Shah, Rayees Ahmad; Achyuthan, Hema; Ahmad, Nafees; Qasim, Abul; TRIPATHY, GYANA RANJAN; SAMANTA, ANUPAM; Kuamar, Pankaj; Dept. of Earth and Climate Science