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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2010Flocculation performance of modified chitosan in an aqueous suspensionAli, Sk Akbar; Pal, Sagar; SINGH, R. P.; Dept. of Chemistry
Dec-2010Novel polymeric flocculants based on polyacrylamide grafted dextran in kaolin suspensionKrishnamoorthi, S.; Adhikary, P.; Mal, D.; SINGH, R. P.; Dept. of Chemistry
Jun-2011Synthesis and characterization of grafted carboxymethyl guar gumAdhikary, P.; Krishnamoorthi, S.; SINGH, R. P.; Dept. of Chemistry
Dec-2011Modification and Applications of Guar Gum in the Field of Green ChemistryPal, Sagar; Ali, Sk. A.; Sen, G.; SINGH, R. P.; Sanghi, Rashmi; Singh, Vandana; Dept. of Chemistry
Jan-2013Amphoteric amylopectin: A novel polymeric flocculantSINGH, R. P.; Pal, Sagar; RANA, VIJAY KUMAR; Ghorai, Soumitra; Dept. of Chemistry
Jan-2014Novel biodegradable polymeric flocculants based on cationic polysaccharidesSINGH, R. P.; Pal, S.; Ali, S.A.; Dept. of Chemistry
May-2014Effect of Surface Fluorination of Poly (p-Phenylene Terephthalamide) FiberMaity, Jayanta; Jacob, Chacko; SINGH, R. P.; Dept. of Chemistry
Aug-2015Synthesis, characterization and application of novel cationic and amphoteric flocculants based on amylopectinKumar, Krishna; Adhikary, Pubali; Karmakar, N. C.; Gupta, Suprakash; SINGH, R. P.; Krishnamoorthi, S.; Dept. of Chemistry
Sep-2015Efficient and rapid adsorption characteristics of templating modified guar gum and silica nanocomposite toward removal of toxic reactive blue and Congo red dyesPal, Sagar; Patra, Abhay Shankar; Ghorai, Soumitra; Sarkar, Amit Kumar; Mahato, Vivekananda; Sarkar, Supriyo; SINGH, R. P.; Dept. of Chemistry
Oct-2015Synthesis and flocculation characteristics of a novel biodegradable flocculating agent amylopectin-g-poly(acrylamide-co-N-methylacrylamide)Sasmal, Dinabandhu; SINGH, R. P.; Tripathy, Tridib; Dept. of Chemistry
May-2017Observation of exchange bias effect in La2NiIrO6RAO, T. DURGA; MARIK, S.; SINGH, D.; SINGH, R. P.; Dept. of Physics
Jan-2018Structuring Stokes correlation functions using vector-vortex beamKUMAR, VIJAY; Anwar, Ali; SINGH, R. P.; Dept. of Physics
Jun-2018Corrigendum to “High performance polymeric flocculants based on modified polysaccharides—Microwave assisted synthesis” [Carbohydr. Polym. 87 (2012) 336–342]SINGH, R. P.; Pal, Sagar et al.; Dept. of Chemistry