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Apr-2013Phonon-Magnon Interaction in Low Dimensional Quantum Magnets Observed by Dynamic Heat Transport MeasurementsMontagnese, M.; Otter, M.; Zotos, X.; Fishman, D.A.; Hlubek, N.; Mityashkin, O.; Hess, C.; Saint-Martin, R.; SINGH, SURJEET; Revcolevschi, A.; Van Loosdrecht, P.H.M.; Dept. of Physics
Mar-2014Crystal Growth of the Nonmagnetic Zn2+ and Magnetic Co2+ Doped Quasi-One-Dimensional Spin Chain Compound SrCuO2 Using the Traveling Solvent Floating Zone MethodKarmakar, Koushik; Singh, Amartya; SINGH, SURJEET; Poole, Amy; Ruegg, Christian; Dept. of Physics
Apr-2014Coercivity and exchange bias of bismuth ferrite nanoparticles isolated by polymer coatingCHATURVEDI, SMITA; Shirolkar, Mandar M.; RAJENDRA, RANGUWAR; SINGH, SURJEET; BALLAV, NIRMALYA; KULKARNI, SULABHA; Dept. of Chemistry; Dept. of Physics
Jul-2014Nanosize effect: Enhanced compensation temperature and existence of magnetodielectric coupling in SmFeO3Chaturvedi, Smita; Shyam, Priyank; BAG, RABINDRANATH; Shirolkar, Mandar M.; Kumar, Jitender; Kaur, Harleen; SINGH, SURJEET; Awasthi, A. M.; KULKARNI, SULABHA; Dept. of Physics
Jun-2015Finite-size effects in the quasi-one-dimensional quantum magnets Sr2CuO3,Sr2Cu0.99M0.01O3(M=Ni,Zn), and SrCuO2Karmakar, Koushik; SINGH, SURJEET; Dept. of Physics
Oct-2015Crystal Growth of Spin Chain Compound Sr2CuO3 Doped with Quantum Defects: Zn, Co, Ni, and MnKarmakar, Koushik; BAG, RABINDRANATH; SINGH, SURJEET; Dept. of Physics
Dec-2015Structural and magnetic investigations on a wet chemically synthesized nanoscale S = 1/2 spin chain compound – CuSe2O5Shyam, Priyank; Chaturvedi, Smita; Karmakar, Koushik; Bhattacharya, Arpan; SINGH, SURJEET; KULKARNI, SULABHA; Dept. of Physics
Dec-2015Holmium induced enhanced functionality at room temperature and structural phase transition at high temperature in bismuth ferrite nanoparticlesChaturvedi, Smita; BAG, RABINDRANATH; Sathe, Vasant; KULKARNI, SULABHA; SINGH, SURJEET; Dept. of Physics
Jan-2017Travelling-solvent floating-zone growth of the dilutely Co-doped spin-ladder compound Sr14(Cu, Co)24O41BAG, RABINDRANATH; Karmakar, Koushik; SINGH, SURJEET; Dept. of Physics
Mar-2017Effects of Quantum Spin-1/2 Impurities on the Magnetic Properties of Zigzag Spin ChainsKarmakar, Koushik; Skoulatos, Markos; Prando, Giacomo; Roessli, Bertran; Stuhr, Uwe; Hammerath, Franziska; Ruegg, Christian; SINGH, SURJEET; Dept. of Physics
May-2017Magnetic phase transitions in HoFeO3 single crystals grown using the optical floating-zone methodBAG, RABINDRANATH; SINGH, SURJEET; Dept. of Physics
Jun-2017Impurities in the weakly coupled quantum spin chains Sr2CuO3 and SrCuO2Karmakar, Koushik; BAG, RABINDRANATH; Skoulatos, Markos; Ruegg, Christian; SINGH, SURJEET; Dept. of Physics
Sep-2017Effect of different in-chain impurities on the magnetic properties of the spin chain compound SrCuO2 probed by NMRUtz, Yannic; SINGH, SURJEET; Dept. of Physics
Feb-2018Magnetic disorder and gap symmetry in the optimally electron-doped Sr(Fe,Co)2As2 superconductorHARNAGEA, LUMINITA; MANI, GIRI; KUMAR, ROHIT; SINGH, SURJEET; Dept. of Physics
Apr-2018On the effect of isovalent Bi substitution at the Eu site in the pyrochlore Eu2Ir2O7TELANG, PRACHI; MISHRA, KSHITI; SINGH, SURJEET; Dept. of Physics
Jun-2018Dilute stuffing in the pyrochlore iridate Eu2 Ir2 O7TELANG, PRACHI; Mishra, Kshiti; Sood, A. K.; SINGH, SURJEET; Dept. of Physics
Sep-2018Evolution of the magnetic order of Fe and Eu sublattices in Eu1−x Ca x Fe2As2 (0 ≤ x ≤ 1) single crystalsHARNAGEA, LUMINITA; KUMAR, ROHIT; SINGH, SURJEET; Wurmehl, S.; Wolter, Anja U B; Büchner, B.; Dept. of Physics
Jan-2019Effect of impurities on the long-distance and Zhang-Rice dimers in the quantum magnet Sr14Cu24O41BAG, RABINDRANATH; KARMAKAR, KOUSHIK; Dhar, Sudesh; Tripathi, Malvika; Choudhary, R J.; SINGH, SURJEET; Dept. of Physics
Feb-2019Excess specific heat from the gapped sliding phonon modes in the incommensurate composite crystal Sr14Cu24O41BAG, RABINDRANATH; Hazra, Soumitra; Kini, Rajeev N.; SINGH, SURJEET; Dept. of Physics
Mar-2019Scaling of magnetotransport in the Ba(Fe1−x Co x )2As2 seriesKUMAR, ROHIT; SINGH, SURJEET; NAIR, SUNIL; Dept. of Physics