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Sep-2011Gold catalyzed glycosidations for the synthesis of sugar acrylate/acrylamide hybrids and their utilityTHADKE, SHIVAJI A.; Kar, Mrityunjoy; Sen Gupta, Sayam; HOTHA, SRINIVAS; Dept. of Chemistry
Feb-2012Synthesis of Thioglycosides from Propargyl Glycosides Exploiting Alkynophilic Gold CatalystVIDADALA, SRINIVASA RAO; THADKE, SHIVAJI A.; HOTHA, SRINIVAS; KASHYAP, SUDHIR; Dept. of Chemistry
May-2013Facile Synthesis of β- and α-Arabinofuranosides and Application to Cell Wall Motifs of M. tuberculosisTHADKE, SHIVAJI A.; Mishra, Bijoyananda; HOTHA, SRINIVAS; Dept. of Chemistry
Jun-2014Stereoselective Glycosidations and Application to the Mycobacterial Arabinogalactan by Gold(III) CatalysisHOTHA, SRINIVAS; THADKE, SHIVAJI A.; Dept. of Chemistry; 20113114
Aug-2014Gold(III)-Catalyzed Glycosidations for 1,2-trans and 1,2-cis FuranosidesTHADKE, SHIVAJI A.; Mishra, Bijoyananda; HOTHA, SRINIVAS; Dept. of Chemistry
Oct-2014Efficient synthesis of oligosaccharyl 1,2-O-orthoesters from n-pentenyl glycosides and application to the pentaarabinofuranoside of the mycobacterial cell surfaceTHADKE, SHIVAJI A.; HOTHA, SRINIVAS; Dept. of Chemistry
Jul-2016Facile synthesis of aminooxy glycosides by gold(III)-catalyzed glycosidationTHADKE, SHIVAJI A.; Neralkar, Mahesh; HOTHA, SRINIVAS; Dept. of Chemistry
Jan-2017[Au]/[Ag]-catalysed expedient synthesis of branched heneicosafuranosyl arabinogalactan motif of Mycobacterium tuberculosis cell wallTHADKE, SHIVAJI A.; Mishra, Bijoyananda; Islam, Maidul; PASARI, SANDIP; Manmode, Sujit; Venkateswara Rao, Boddu; Neralkar, Mahesh; Shinde, Ganesh P.; WALKE, GULAB; HOTHA, SRINIVAS; Dept. of Chemistry
Mar-2018Design of Bivalent Nucleic Acid Ligands for Recognition of RNA-Repeated Expansion Associated with Huntington’s DiseaseTHADKE, SHIVAJI A.; HRIDYA, V. M.; MUKHERJEE, ARNAB; Dept. of Chemistry