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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008On operators close to isometriesCHAVAN, SAMEER; Dept. of Mathematics
Jan-2008On a friedrichs extension related to unbounded subnormals-IICHAVAN, SAMEER; Dept. of Mathematics
Jan-2008Conjugacy Classes of Centralizers in G2SINGH, ANUPAM KUMAR; Dept. of Mathematics
Jan-2009A spectral exclusion principle for unbounded subnormalsCHAVAN, SAMEER; Dept. of Mathematics
Apr-2009MINIMAL DEGREE SEQUENCE FOR TORUS KNOTS OF TYPE (p, q)Madeti, Prabhakar; MISHRA, RAMA; Dept. of Mathematics
Apr-2009SCHOLAR-a Scientific Celebration Highlighting Open Lines of Arithmetic ResearchMurty, R.M.; SINHA, KANEENIKA ; Dept. of Mathematics
Jan-2010The Generalized Dedekind DeterminantMurty, M. Ram; SINHA, KANEENIKA; Cojocaru, A. C.; David, C.; Pappalardi, F.; Dept. of Mathematics
Jun-2010The discrete logarithm problem in the group of non-singular circulant matricesMAHALANOBIS, AYAN; Dept. of Mathematics
Aug-2010Splittings of free groups, normal forms and partitions of endsGadgil, Siddhartha; PANDIT, SUHAS; Dept. of Mathematics
Jan-2011The Least Prime Congruent to One Modulo nThangadurai, R.; VATWANI, A.; Dept. of Mathematics
Jan-2011Some remarks on symplectic injective stabilityBASU, RABEYA; Rao, Ravi A.; Chattopadhyay, Pratyusha; Dept. of Mathematics
Feb-2011Risk Minimizing Option Pricing for a Class of Exotic Options in a Markov-Modulated MarketBasak, Gopal K.; Ghosh, Mrinal K.; GOSWAMI, ANINDYA; Dept. of Mathematics
Apr-2011The great Picard's theorem and the uniformization theoremKulkarni, Ravi S; MAGUDEESWARI EASWARAN, LAKSHMI PRIYA; Dept. of Mathematics; 20061005
Apr-2011Covering arrays on graphs and extremal set theoryMAITY, SOUMEN; PRASAD, NAVI; Dept. of Mathematics; 20061046
May-2011Group construction of covering arraysMAITY, SOUMEN; GUPTA, RUCHI; Dept. of Mathematics; 20061019
May-2011Classes of permutation polynomials over finite fieldsMAITY, SOUMEN; CHAUHAN, GAURAV; Dept. of Mathematics; 20061045
May-2011Mcmc application to stochastic volatility modelNAIK-NIMBALKAR, UTTARA; GUPTA, ANKUR; Dept. of Mathematics; 20061020
May-2011Real and strongly real classes in PGLn(q) and quasi-simple covers of PSLn(q)Gill, Nick; SINGH, ANUPAM KUMAR; Dept. of Mathematics
May-2011Real and strongly real classes in SLn(q)Gill, Nick; SINGH, ANUPAM KUMAR; Dept. of Mathematics
May-2011What stabilizes corruption- A game theoretic approachWATVE, MILIND; VASHISHTHA, SHAMBHAVI; Dept. of Mathematics; Dept. of Biology; 20061025