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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2006Synchronization schemes for two dimensional discrete systemsAMBIKA, G.; Ambika, K.; Dept. of Physics
Jan-2007Simultaneous and sequential synchronisation in arraysAMBIKA, G.; Ambika, K.; Dept. of Physics
Feb-2008Resonance phenomena in discrete systems with bichromatic input signalHarikrishnan, K. P.; AMBIKA, G.; Dept. of Physics
Feb-2008Spins as qubits: Quantum information processing by nuclear magnetic resonanceSuter, D.; MAHESH, T. S.; Dept. of Physics
Mar-2008NMR implementation of adiabatic SAT algorithm using strongly modulated pulsesMitra, A.; MAHESH, T. S.; Kumar, A.; Dept. of Physics
Mar-2008Gelation of Covalently Edge-Modified Laponites in Aqueous Media. 1. Rheology and Nuclear Magnetic ResonancePatil, S.P.; Mathew, R.; Ajithkumar, Thallaseril G.; Rajamohanan, Pattuparambil R.; MAHESH, T. S.; Kumaraswamy, Guruswamy; Dept. of Physics
Oct-2008Template-free ZnS nanorod synthesis by microwave irradiationLimaye, Mukta V.; Gokhale, Shubha; Acharya, S. A.; KULKARNI, SULABHA; Dept. of Physics
Dec-2008The effect of concentration in the patterning of silica particles by the soft lithographic techniqueSingh, Akanksha; Malek, Chantal Khan; KULKARNI, SULABHA; Dept. of Physics
2009Genetic Programming Based Approach for Synchronization with Parameter Mismatches in EEGAhalpara, Dilip P.; Arora, Siddharth; SANTHANAM, M. S.; Dept. of Physics
2009Multifractal Analysis of Physiological Data: A Non-Subjective ApproachAMBIKA, G.; Harikrishnan, K.P.; Misra, R.; Dana, Syamal K.; Roy, Prodyot K.; Kurths, Jurgen; Dept. of Physics
Feb-2009Forbush decreases and turbulence levels at coronal mass ejection frontsSUBRAMANIAN, PRASAD; Antia, H.M.; Dugad, S. R.; Goswami, U.D.; Gupta, S. K.; Hayashi, Y.; Ito, N.; Kawakami, S.; Kojima, H.; Mohanty, P.K.; Nayak, P.K.; Nonaka, T.; Oshima, A.; Sivaprasad, K.; Tanaka, H.; Tonwar, S.C.; Dept. of Physics
Feb-2009Efficient use of correlation entropy for analysing time series dataHarikrishnan, K. P.; Misra, R.; AMBIKA, G.; Dept. of Physics
Mar-2009Driving currents for fluxrope coronal mass ejectionSUBRAMANIAN, PRASAD; Vourlidas, Angelos; Dept. of Physics
Mar-2009The quintic interaction vertex in light-cone gravityANANTH, SUDARSHAN; Dept. of Physics
May-2009Anticipatory synchronization with variable time delay and resetAMBIKA, G.; Amritkar, R.E.; Dept. of Physics
Jun-2009High Coercivity of Oleic Acid Capped CoFe2O4 Nanoparticles at Room TemperatureLimaye, Mukta V.; SINGH, S.; Date, S.; KULKARNI, SULABHA; Dept. of Physics
Aug-2009Gravity as the square of Yang‐Mills: implications for 𝒩 = 8 supergravityANANTH, SUDARSHAN; Dept. of Physics
Oct-2009Combined use of correlation dimension and entropy as discriminating measures for time series analysisHarikrishnan, K. P.; Misra, R.; AMBIKA, G.; Dept. of Physics
Nov-2009Parametric internal waves in a compressible fluidDas, K.S.; Morris, S. W.; BHATTACHARYAY, ARIJIT; Dept. of Physics
Nov-2009Influence of biomass and gold salt concentration on nanoparticle synthesis by the tropical marine yeast Yarrowia lipolytica NCIM 3589Pimprikar, P. S.; Joshi, S. S.; Kumar, A. R.; Zinjarde, S. S.; KULKARNI, SULABHA; Dept. of Physics