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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Multifractal Analysis of Physiological Data: A Non-Subjective ApproachAMBIKA, G.; Harikrishnan, K.P.; Misra, R.; Dana, Syamal K.; Roy, Prodyot K.; Kurths, Jurgen; Dept. of Physics
Apr-2009SCHOLAR-a Scientific Celebration Highlighting Open Lines of Arithmetic ResearchMurty, R.M.; SINHA, KANEENIKA ; Dept. of Mathematics
2010Regulating receptor PTP activityGhose, Aurnab; VACTOR, VAN, D.; Bradshaw, Ralph A.; Dennis, Edward A.; Dept. of Biology
Jan-2010The Generalized Dedekind DeterminantMurty, M. Ram; SINHA, KANEENIKA; Cojocaru, A. C.; David, C.; Pappalardi, F.; Dept. of Mathematics
Jun-2010Surface Pore Engineering of Porous Coordination PolymersGHOSH, SUJIT K.; Kitagawa, Susumu; MacGillivray, Leonard R.; Dept. of Chemistry
Dec-2010Modeling the Spatial Pattern Forming Modules in Mitotic Spindle AssemblyATHALE, CHAITANYA A.; Dubitzky, Werner; Southgate, Jennifer; Fuß, Hendrik; Dept. of Biology
May-20113 - Contact, not conflict, causes the evolution of anisogamyRoughgarden, Joan; IYER, PRIYA; Dept. of Biology
Dec-2011Modification and Applications of Guar Gum in the Field of Green ChemistryPal, Sagar; Ali, Sk. A.; Sen, G.; SINGH, R. P.; Sanghi, Rashmi; Singh, Vandana; Dept. of Chemistry
Jun-2012Making Gradient Patterns by Electron‐Beam Chemical Lithography with Monomolecular ResistsBALLAV, NIRMALYA; Terfort, Andreas; Zharnikov, Michael; Dept. of Chemistry
2013Drug-DNA intercalation: From discovery to the molecular mechanismMUKHERJEE, ARNAB; SASIKALA, WILBEE D.; Karabencheva-Christova, Tatyana; Dept. of Chemistry
Jan-2013Study of Systemic Risk Involved in Mutual FundsDash, Kishore C.; DASH, MONIKA; Abergel, Frédéric; Chakrabarti, Bikas K.; Chakraborti, Anirban; Ghosh, Asim; Dept. of Physics
Mar-2014Determining Transient Nucleic Acid Structures by NMRCHUGH, JEETENDER; Erdmann, Volker A.; Markiewicz, Wojciech T.; Barciszewski, Jan; Dept. of Chemistry
Jul-2014ChIP for Hox Proteins from Drosophila Imaginal DiscsAgrawal, Pavan; SHASHIDHARA, L.S.; Graba, Yacine; Rezsohazy, Rene; Dept. of Biology
2015Signaling Cascades, Gradients, and Gene Networks in Dorsal/Ventral PatterningRATNAPARKHI, GIRISH S.; Courey, Albert J.; Moody, Sally A.; Dept. of Biology
Jan-2015Special values of the riemann zeta function: Some results and conjecturesRAGHURAM, A.; Coates, John; RAGHURAM, A.; Saikia, Anupam; Sujatha, R.; Dept. of Mathematics
Jun-2015Covering Arrays of Strength Four and Software TestingAKHTAR, YASMEEN; MAITY, SOUMEN; CHANDRASEKHARAN, RESHMA C.; Dept. of Mathematics
2016Silene, Silaimine, and Siletane DerivativesKHAN, SHABANA; Roesky, H.W.; Dept. of Chemistry
2016Synthesis of a Zwitterionic 2,4-Disila-1,3-diphosphacyclobutadiene CompoundKHAN, SHABANA; Roesky, H.W.; Roesky, Herbert W.; Dept. of Chemistry
2016An overview of the vākya method of computing the longitudes of the sun and moonPAI, VENKETESWARA R.; Ramasubramanian, K.; Sriram, M.S.; Srinivas, M.D.; Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences
2016Quantitative Analysis of Synthesized Nucleic Acid PoolsXulvi-Brunet, R.; Campbell, G.W.; RAJAMANI, SUDHA; Jiménez, José I.; Chen, I.A.; Dept. of Biology