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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2020First principles investigations of layered materials and their interaction with supportGHOSH, PRASENJIT; JOSHI, NIHARIKA; Dept. of Chemistry; 20143294
May-2020Postsynthetic Modification of Nucleic Acids and Generation of Nucleoside Supramolecular Synthons by Palladium-Mediated ReactionsSRIVATSAN, SEERGAZHI G.; WALUNJ, MANISHA B.; Dept. of Chemistry; 20143327
Sep-2020Hydraulic traits in seasonally dry tropical forestsBARUA, DEEPAK; SUNNY, RON; Dept. of Biology; 20132020
Feb-2021Synthesis of Heterogeneous Heparan Sulfate Oligosaccharides to Investigate Structure- Activity Relationship (SAR)KIKKERI, RAGHAVENDRA; JAIN, PRASHANT; Dept. of Chemistry; 20142014
May-2021Looking at Feminism and Nationalism through The Study of Contemporary Women’s WritingGabriel, Karen; CHOUDHURY, SAYANTANI; Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences; 20161059
Jun-2021An Investigation Of Percolation In Ecological SystemsGuttal, Vishwesha; HALDER, KOUSTAV; Dept. of Biology; 20161039
Jun-2021Optical properties and photocatalytic activity of 2D materialsKABIR, MUKUL; ARRA, SRILATHA; Dept. of Chemistry; 20133236
Jul-2021Herbivory induced aggregation of tortoise beetles on morning glory plantsPANDIT, SAGAR; PARANJAPE, SUJAY; Dept. of Biology; 20161122
Jul-2021Optimal Spin Control in Nitrogen Vacancy Centers in DiamondSuter, Dieter; JHA, ROUNAK; Dept. of Physics; 20161112
Aug-2021PN3P ligand and its Transition metal complexesKHAN, SHABANA; PANWAR, HITESH KUMAR; Dept. of Chemistry; 20161153
Sep-2021Periglomerular cell function in odour discrimination probed in AMPA-type glutamate receptor-interacting protein CKAMP44 knockout miceKuner, Thomas; ADLAKHA, AVI; Dept. of Biology; 20161032
Sep-2021Motives of Algebraic StacksHOGADI, AMIT; DESHMUKH, NEERAJ; Dept. of Mathematics; 20153409
Oct-2021Effect of different heat stress durations on the thermotolerance of tropical tree species and its relation with temperature response of carbon uptakeBARUA, DEEPAK; BANDARU, PEDDIRAJU; Dept. of Biology; 20151098
Oct-2021Atomic Chains with Rydberg Excitations: Bose-Hubbard Parameters to Correlation DynamicsNATH, REJISH; CHOUGALE, YASHWANT; Dept. of Physics; 20142031
Dec-2021Development of chemical platforms to deliver latent electrophilesCHAKRAPANI, HARINATH; BENIWAL, GAURAV; Dept. of Chemistry; 20162014
Dec-2021Advanced functional porous materials for sensing and sequestration of toxic pollutantsGHOSH, SUJIT K.; SEN, ARUNABHA; Dept. of Chemistry; 20142007
Feb-2022Translational Diffusion of a Tracer Molecule in Nanoconfined WaterPATIL, SHIVPRASAD; AJITH, V. J.; Dept. of Physics; 20153416
Mar-2022Liquid crystal integrated photonic circuit for on-chip tunable optical filtersSELVARAJA, SHANKAR KUMAR; YAZDANI, HASSAN; Dept. of Physics; 20161080
Apr-2022Sexual dimorphism in the Drosophila hematopoietic organ - the lymph glandTanentzapf, Guy; SR, PRANAV; Dept. of Biology; 20171127
Apr-2022Aspects of Acoustic Geometry in Inviscid and Slightly Viscous FluidsMajumdar, Parthasarathi; PATHAK, MAYANK; Dept. of Physics; 20171097