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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2020Analysis of cytoplasmic organization and compartmentalization in syncytial Drosophila embryoRIKHY, RICHA; THUKRAL, SAMEER; Dept. of Biology; 20133257
Mar-2020Designing Novel High-Performance Anode Materials for Li-ion BatteriesVAIDHYANATHAN, RAMANATHAN; OGALE, SATISHCHANDRA; ROY, KINGSHUK; Dept. of Chemistry; 20142010
Dec-2020Probing Dynamic Disorder in Single Molecule Event StatisticsCHAUDHURY, SRABANTI; SINGH, DIVYA; Dept. of Chemistry; 20153406
Jan-2021Crafting pore architecture of water-stable microporous MOFs for selective CO2 captureVAIDHYANATHAN, RAMANATHAN; MAITY, RAHUL; Dept. of Chemistry; 20153366
Jun-2021Applications of Deep Learning: Sequence Modelling in Industrial Sound AnalyticsBorwankar, Prabhanjan; DUBE, SOURABH; CHOUDHARY, ABHISHEK; Dept. of Data Science; 20141150
Jul-2021Redox Biochemistry of Hydrogen Sulfide Biogenesis and OxidationBanerjee, Ruma; GUHA, ARKAJIT; Dept. of Chemistry; 20161054
Apr-2022Isotopic variations of Carbon and Nitrogen in graphite, crystallized under semi-equilibrated conditions in IAB iron meteoritesKaur, Kuljeet; SAHOO, SOURAJIT; Dept. of Earth and Climate Science; 20171177
Apr-2023Production of industrially relevant proteins using cell-wall deficient cellsClaessen, Dennis; PATWARDHAN, CHINMAY; Dept. of Biology; 20181198
May-2023The WDR11 protein as a novel host factor for AAV transductionRasko, John; DESHPANDE, SHIVANI; Dept. of Biology; 20181199
May-2023Experimental Probing of the Turbulent Non-Turbulent Interface in Wall JetsDixit, Shivsai; SOOD, PRANAV; Dept. of Physics; 20181160