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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Apr- 7Workshop on Thermodynamics at IISER Pune
11-Mar- 10IISc superconductivity claim gets another jolt as IISER Pune finds no superconductivityPrasad, R.
11-Apr- 11IISER Pune team synthesises photocatalyst to degrade organic pollutantsPrasad, R.
11-Mar- 13Bring your science to the worldAggarwal, Varun
10-Jun- 13PM Modi attends top police officials' conference in Pune
15-Mar- 14Biologists of IISER-Pune decode ‘cellular secret talk’ that helps plants regenerate lost partsMarar, Anjali
13-May- 14Three scientists from IISER-Pune win SwarnaJayanti Fellowships
10-Nov- 14Dazzling freshwater fishes discovered from Western Ghats
10-Nov- 14City's science institutes race to fight Covid-19
11-Jun- 15Pune: IISER scientists urged to make low-cost technologies
11-Apr- 18Druggable targets found for S. aureusPrasad, R.
9-Jan- 19Mustard seeds capable of lighting LEDs: IISER Pune
11-Mar- 20IISER Pune team fabricates a viable alternative to silicon diodesPrasad, R.
11-Jun- 22IISER makes graphene cheaper than its price
12-Aug- 24CSIR tops scientific research institutional ranking
7-Aug- 26IISER che Prof.Natu yanna jivangaurav
13-Aug- 26Snowfall may be key to why some Himalayan glaciers aren’t melting
10-Sep- 26Pune: IISER team develops synthetic molecule capable of targeting, killing cancer cells
10-Nov- 26IISER Pune sets up COVID-19 testing centre
11-Dec- 26IISER, Pune uses activity-based videos to engage students