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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May- 27Exact Exponential Algorithms to solve NP-Hard ProblemsMAITY, SOUMEN; DARSAN, T I; Dept. of Mathematics; 20191172
Jan-2011Quantitative analysis of traction forces exerted by translocating neuronal growth coneGHOSE, AURNAB; KALE, GIRISH; Dept. of Biology; 20061038
Apr-2011The great Picard's theorem and the uniformization theoremKulkarni, Ravi S; MAGUDEESWARI EASWARAN, LAKSHMI PRIYA; Dept. of Mathematics; 20061005
Apr-2011Covering arrays on graphs and extremal set theoryMAITY, SOUMEN; PRASAD, NAVI; Dept. of Mathematics; 20061046
Apr-2011Spider web networksDHAR, DEEPAK; AJIT, C. BALRAM; Dept. of Physics; 20061004
Apr-2011Studies of coupled spin systems: In the context of supersolid behaviour in solid heliumDasgupta, Chandan; MORE, SUSHANT; Dept. of Physics; 20061001
Apr-2011Homonuclear recoupling and heteronuclear decoupling in solid state NMRNielsen, Niels Christian; JAIN, SHEETAL; Dept. of Physics; 20061016
Apr-2011Design synthesis and biological evaluation of JNK1 inhibitorsVenkata Palle; BHAT, RAMAKRISHNA G.; SHISHIR, CHOUREY; Dept. of Chemistry; 20061033
Apr-2011Impact of cellular geometry on nuclear dynamicsShivashankar, G.V.; SUMIT, MADHURESH; Dept. of Biology; 20061014
Apr-2011Synthesis and enzymatic incorporation of an azide-modified uridine triphosphate analogueSRIVATSAN, SEERGAZHI G.; RAO, HARITA; Dept. of Chemistry; 20061013
May-2011Nature of stock index interrelationsAMBIKA, G.; GOSWAMI, BEDARTHA; Dept. of Physics; 20061017
May-2011Synthesis of Thiophene based Macrocycle and Metal DipyrrinsANAND, V.G.; GAUR, RAKESH; Dept. of Chemistry; 20061036
May-2011In silico analysis cloning and overexpression of miR172 in potato (Solanum tuberosum L. SSP andigena)BANERJEE, ANJAN K.; DADUL, STANZIN; Dept. of Biology; 20061044
May-2011Competition between stochasticity and determinism in a Lotka-Volterra prey-predator 2D Lattice modelBHATTACHARYAY, ARIJIT; PRIYE, PARIVESH; Dept. of Physics; 20061009
May-2011Banana and star shaped liquid crystalline Oligo-(Phenylenevinylene)sJAYAKANNAN, MANICKAM; SINGH, HARPREET; Dept. of Chemistry; 20061022
May-2011Molecular phylogeny of skipper butterflies (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae) from the western ghats, IndiaKunte, Krushnamegh; SINGH, PRABHDEEP; Dept. of Biology; 20061030
May-2011Group construction of covering arraysMAITY, SOUMEN; GUPTA, RUCHI; Dept. of Mathematics; 20061019
May-2011Classes of permutation polynomials over finite fieldsMAITY, SOUMEN; CHAUHAN, GAURAV; Dept. of Mathematics; 20061045
May-2011Synthesis of graphene by chemical vapor deposition method and the study of its electronic properties.Deshmukh, Mandar; BANDHU, LOKESHWAR; Dept. of Physics; 20061035
May-2011Investigation of non-covalent interactions in mixed clusters of heterocyclic aromatic compounds: A supersonic jet study combined with quantum chemistry calculationsDAS, ALOKE; PANDE, VEDANT; Dept. of Chemistry; 20061026