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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2016What can simulations tell us about GPCRs: Integrating the scalesSengupta, Durba; Joshi, Manali; ATHALE, CHAITANYA A.; Chattopadhyay, Amitabha; Shukla, Arun K.; Dept. of Biology
2017Communicating science to the common: Perspectives of the science communicators from IndiaBalasubramanian, D.; WATVE, MILIND; Ramadorai, S.; Kasturirangan, K.; Sundar, R.S.; Purkayastha, Prabir; Jayan, T.V.; Singh, Rajendra; Gupta, Arvind; Bagla, Pallava; Binoy, V. V.; Dept. of Biology
2017Identification & Characterization of Secondary Metabolites in the Biological Soup by NMR SpectroscopyYOUSF, SALEEM; HUSSAIN, NAZIA; SHARMA, SHILPY; CHUGH, JEETENDER; Dept. of Chemistry; Dept. of Biology
2017Bilinear Cryptography Using Groups of Nilpotency Class 2MAHALANOBIS, AYAN; SHINDE, PRALHAD; Dept. of Mathematics
2017Bacterial Actins and Their InteractorsPANANGHAT, GAYATHRI; Dept. of Biology
Jan-2017Theoretical Advances in Type 2 DiabetesGOEL, PRANAY; Rao, Arni S.R. Srinivasa; Pyne, Saumyadipta; Rao, C.R.; Dept. of Biology
Mar-2017Synergistic Activities of Nitric Oxide and Various DrugsRAVIKUMAR, GOVINDAN; CHAKRAPANI, HARINATH; Seabra, Amedea Barozzi; Dept. of Chemistry
May-2017Structure and Dynamics of Actin-Like Cytomotive Filaments in Plasmid Segregation.PANANGHAT, GAYATHRI; HARNE, SHRIKANT; Dept. of Biology
Jul-2017Marine Sponge-Associated Microbiome: Reservoir of Novel Bioactive CompoundsLELE-RAHALKAR, UTTARA; Pawar, Shrikant; Kalia, Vipin Chandra; Shouche, Yogesh; Purohit, Hemant J.; Rahi, Praveen; Dept. of Biology
Dec-2017On Competing risks with masked failuresDewan, Isha; NAIK-NIMBALKAR, UTTARA; Dept. of Mathematics
2018Stars as recorded in Indian textsShylaja, B. S.; PAI, VENKETESWARA R.; Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences
2018Fourier plane optical microscopy and spectroscopyVASISTA, ADARSH B.; SHARMA, DEEPAK K.; KUMAR, G. V. PAVAN; Dept. of Physics
2018Imaging Newly Transcribed RNA in Cells by Using a Clickable Azide-Modified UTP AnalogSAWANT, ANUPAM A.; GALANDE, SANJEEV; SRIVATSAN, SEERGAZHI G.; Gaspar, Imre; Dept. of Biology; Dept. of Chemistry
2018Methylphosphonic Acid Biosynthesis and Catabolism in Pelagic Archaea and BacteriaUlrich, Emily C.; KAMAT, SIDDHESH S.; Hove-Jensen, Bjarne; Zechel, David L.; Dept. of Biology
Jan-2018Advances in the Application of Pd-Mediated Transformations in Nucleotides and OligonucleotidesWALUNJ, MANISHA B.; Sabale, Pramod M.; SRIVATSAN, SEERGAZHI G.; Dept. of Biology
Jan-2018Two Decades of Drosophila Population Dynamics: Modeling, Experiments, and ImplicationsDEY, SUTIRTH; Joshi, Amitabh; Dept. of Biology
Feb-2018B Cell Receptor Signaling and Compartmentalization by Confocal MicroscopyMishra, Anurag R.; CHATURVEDI, AKANKSHA; Liu, Chaohong; Dept. of Biology
Mar-2018Functionalized Transition Metal Dichalcogenide-Based Nanomaterials for Biomedical ApplicationsKUMAR, PRIYADARSHI; Li, Zibiao; Wong, Swee Liang; Sarmento, Bruno; Neves, Jose Das; Dept. of Biology
Mar-2018Ascendent at the meridian transitPAI, VENKETESWARA R.; Ramasubramanian, K.; Sriram, M. S.; Srinivas, M. D.; PAI, VENKETESWARA K.; Ramasubramanian, K.; Sriram, M. S.; Srinivas, M. D.; Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences
Mar-2018Computation of the khaṇḍa, dhruva, etc. of the MoonPAI, VENKETESWARA R.; Ramasubramanian, K.; Sriram, M. S.; Srinivas, M. D.; Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences