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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2019Photoionization of Acetylene Doped in Helium Nanodroplets by EUV Synchrotron RadiationMANDAL, SUDDHASATTWA; Gopal, Ram; Krishnan, S. R.; Richter, Robert; Coreno, Marcello; Mudrich, Marcel; Srinivas, Hemkumar; D’Elia, Alessandro; BAPAT, BHAS; Sharma, Vandana; Dept. of Physics
Sep-2019Intriguing Single Photon Induced Processes in Helium NanodropletsKrishnan, S.R.; MANDAL, SUDDHASATTWA; BAPAT, BHAS; Gopal, Ram; D’Elia, Alessandro; Srinivas, Hemkumar; Richter, Robert; Coreno, Marcello; Mudrich, Marcel; Sharma, Vandana; Dept. of Physics
Jan-2020Nonlinear Dynamics of RRc Lyrae StarsGEORGE, SANDIP V.; Misra, Ranjeev; Ambika, G.; Dept. of Physics
Jan-2020The Pillars of Relative Quillen–Suslin TheoryBASU, RABEYA; Khanna, Reema; Rao, Ravi A.; Dept. of Mathematics
May-2020Green synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles and their structural investigations with Williamson-Hall and rietveld refinement methodBarman, Subhodeep; Sikdar, Suranjan; BISWAS, ABHIJIT; Mandal, Biplab Kumar; Das, Rahul; Dept. of Physics
May-2020Structural study of iron oxide nanoparticles (INPs) synthesized in aloe vera plant extractMandal, Biplab Kumar; BISWAS, ABHIJIT; Barman, Subhodeep; Das, Rahul; Debnath, Partha Sarathi; Dept. of Physics
May-2020Thermal Assisted Carrier Recombination in CsPbBr3 NanocrystalsPoonia, Ajay K.; MIR, WASIM J.; Shrivastava, Megha; NAG, ANGSHUMAN; Adarsh, K. V.; Dept. of Chemistry
Nov-2020Magnetism in bimetallic NiII-CoII coordination polymerGUPTA, KRITI; Dadwal, Arun; Joy, Pattayil A.; BALLAV, NIRMALYA; Dept. of Chemistry
Nov-2020p-adic Asai L-functions Attached to Bianchi Cusp FormsBALASUBRAMANYAM, BASKAR; Ghate, Eknath; Vangala, Ravitheja; Dept. of Mathematics
Nov-2020Observation of surface Dirac state in transition metal dichalcogenide NiTe2 using ARPESKar, Indrani; HARNAGEA, LUMINITA; Banik, Soma; SINGH, SURJEET; Thirupathaiah, Setti; Dept. of Physics
Jan-2021Parameterized Complexity of Locally Minimal Defensive AlliancesGAIKWAD, AJINKYA; MAITY, SOUMEN; TRIPATHI, SHUVAM KANT; Dept. of Mathematics
Jan-2021Parameterized Complexity of Defensive and Offensive Alliances in GraphsGAIKWAD, AJINKYA; MAITY, SOUMEN; TRIPATHI, SHUVAM KANT; Dept. of Mathematics
Jan-2021The Balanced Satisfactory Partition ProblemGAIKWAD, AJINKYA; MAITY, SOUMEN; TRIPATHI, SHUVAM KANT; Dept. of Mathematics
Mar-2021Controlled Generation of Self-images of a Microlens Array and the Second Harmonic Talbot EffectHARSHITH, B. S.; Samanta, G.K.; Dept. of Physics
May-2021MMBERT: Multimodal BERT Pretraining for Improved Medical VQAKhare, Yash; BAGAL, VIRAJ; Mathew, Minesh; Devi, Adithi; Priyakumar, U Deva; Jawahar, C.V.; Dept. of Chemistry
Jun-2021A Simple Algorithm for Diffuse Optical Tomography (DOT) without Matrix InversionPaul, Ria; K, Murali; CHETIA, SUMANA; Varma, Hari M.; Dept. of Physics
2022Domination and Cut Problems on Chordal Graphs with Bounded LeafageGalby, Esther; Marx, Dániel; Schepper, Philipp; Sharma, Roohani; TALE, PRAFULLKUMAR; Dept. of Mathematics
Apr-2022Isotopic variations of Carbon and Nitrogen in graphite, crystallized under semi-equilibrated conditions in IAB iron meteoritesKaur, Kuljeet; SAHOO, SOURAJIT; Dept. of Earth and Climate Science; 20171177
May-2022Object Detection in Indian Food Platters using Transfer Learning with YOLOv4Pandey, Deepanshu; PARMAR, PURVA; Toshniwal, Gauri; Goel, Mansi; Agrawal, Vishesh; Dhiman, Shivangi; Gupta, Lavanya; Bagler, Ganesh; Dept. of Data Science
19-May-2022Response of Arctic Methane hydrate to the rise in bottom water temperature and relative sea-level over past 11000 yearsTRIVEDI, AKASH; SARKAR, SUDIPTA; Dept. of Earth and Climate Science