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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2011Investigation of stochastic synchronization in bursting oscillatorsGOEL, PRANAY; PATHAK, ANAND; Dept. of Physics; 20061011
May-2011Study of water dynamics in the DNA-Daunomycin intercalation pathwayMUKHERJEE, ARNAB; VAJPEYI, HUTASHAN; Dept. of Chemistry; 20061041
May-2011Mcmc application to stochastic volatility modelNAIK-NIMBALKAR, UTTARA; GUPTA, ANKUR; Dept. of Mathematics; 20061020
May-2011Synthesis & characterization of macrocycles based on thiophenes subunitsANAND, V.G.; ARORA, PRAKHAR; Dept. of Chemistry; 20061024
May-2011Quantum metrology in the heisenberg limitPanigrahi, Prasanta K.; KUMAR, ABHIJEET; Dept. of Physics; 20061023
May-2011Towards the experimental realization of directed transport in equilibriumPATIL, SHIVPRASAD; RAPOL, UMAKANT D.; YATI, ARPIT; Dept. of Physics; 20061027
May-2011Loyal or promiscuous: A search for female mate preference in Drosophila melanogasterNongthomba, Upendra; KUMAR, SUSHEEL; Dept. of Biology; 20061029
May-2011Multifunctional magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applicationsOGALE, SATISHCHANDRA; VERMA, SEEMA; DHANAPAL, PRAVARTHANA; Dept. of Chemistry; 20061032
May-2011Correlates of dichotomous moral perceptionWATVE, MILIND; ANAND, SISIR C.; Dept. of Biology; 20061002
May-2011What stabilizes corruption- A game theoretic approachWATVE, MILIND; VASHISHTHA, SHAMBHAVI; Dept. of Mathematics; Dept. of Biology; 20061025
May-2011Scheduling and conflict resolution of television commercialsRadhakrishnan, Jaikumar; PRASANNA, AVI; Dept. of Mathematics; 20061010
May-2011RNA interference based Screen to Identify Genetic Modifiers of dVAPBRATNAPARKHI, GIRISH S.; VERMA, HEMANT KUMAR; Dept. of Biology; 20061034
May-2011An introduction to normal numbersSINGH, ANUPAM KUMAR; YADAV, RAJESH KUMAR; Dept. of Mathematics; 20061007
May-2011Towards the Synthesis and Evaluation of Naphathalenediimide based anion sensorsTALUKDAR, PINAKI; PRIYADARSHI, ASHUTOSH; Dept. of Chemistry; 20061040
May-2011Forecasting of foreign exchange rate time series using neural networksSengupta, Raghu Nandan; AGRAWAL, SHASHANK; Dept. of Physics; 20061021
May-2011An implementation oriented overview of code based cryptographyRoy, Bimal K.; GUPTA, KAPIL KUMAR; Dept. of Mathematics; 20061028
May-2011Ab initio quantum chemical study of selenium dioxide mediated allylic hydroxylation of alkenesRoy, Sudip; RISHI, VARUN KUMAR; Dept. of Chemistry; 20061042
May-2011Information entropic measures applied to multivariate fractional brownian motionSANTHANAM, M. S.; ANAND, VIVEK; Dept. of Mathematics; Dept. of Physics; 20061039
May-2011Return interval distribution of extreme events in long memory time series with two different scaling exponentsSANTHANAM, M. S.; KUMAR KATIYAR, SMRATI; Dept. of Physics; 20061015
Jun-2011Learning and memory consolidation in aggression behaviorGHOSE, AURNAB; CHOUHAN, NITIN SINGH; Dept. of Biology; 20061006