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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2023One-step synthesis of L- Lactide from Lactic acid using a heterogeneous catalystKulkarni, Mangesh; MEENA, RAJESH KUMAR; Dept. of Chemistry; 20171209
May-2023Respiration Monitoring During Introductory Notes of Zebra Finch SongRAJAN, RAGHAV; P R, RUBNA; Dept. of Biology; 20161114
Apr-2023Simulating Azeotropic mixture in Vapour Liquid EquilibriumMUKHERJEE, ARNAB; BEHERA, SNEHASH KUMAR; Dept. of Chemistry; 20161108
May-2023Functional characterisation of cis-acting regulatory elements in the promoters of MSL family genes from the moss Physcomitrium patensBANERJEE, ANJAN K.; AGRAWAL, SANSKAR; Dept. of Biology; 20181215
Mar-2023Variation in seed size and its relationship to other functional traits in a seasonally dry tropical forestBARUA, DEEPAK; PATRA, DHRUBOJYOTI; Dept. of Biology; 20192012
May-2023Impact of Mutation Rate and Bias on Bacterial Adaptation in Fluctuating EnvironmentsAgashe, Deepa; LAHIRI, KUSHAN; Dept. of Biology; 20202001
May-2023Optimization of affinity-based tubulin purification and polymerization kinetics from goat brain and mung seedlingsATHALE, CHAITANYA A.; K T, ABDUL RISHAD; Dept. of Biology; 20181069
May-2023Quantitative Image Analysis and Modelling of Phallusia Oocytes and Caenorhabditis elegans EggATHALE, CHAITANYA A.; DEOGAM, SIDDHARTH; Dept. of Biology; 20181006
Apr-2023Development of Microglia sufficient Vascularized Brain Organoids to study three-way Neuro-Immune-Vascular InteractionsGinhoux, Florent; Tiwari, Satish Kumar; DINGANKAR, MIHIR SHRIDHAR; Dept. of Biology; 20181066
Apr-2023Designing an aptamer mediated diagnosis kit for malariaKAYARAT, SAIKRISHNAN; ANAND, ANIMESH; Dept. of Biology; 20181164
May-2023Characterization of the oligomeric complex formed by SATB1 and SATB2 proteins and their interactorsGALANDE, SANJEEV; WADATE, ADESH; Dept. of Biology; 20181224
May-2023Theoretical modelling and observational study of supernovae model with self-consistent solutions to radia- tive transfer equations in an expanding shellSutaria, Firoza; RAVISHANKAR, VISHAL; Dept. of Physics; 20181114
May-2023Self-assembly of nucleotides and its implications for prebiotic chemistryRAJAMANI, SUDHA; TIKOO, SHIVAM; Dept. of Biology; 20181128
May-2023Use of helical assembly scaffolds as tools for alleviating preferred orientation problem in Cryo-Electron MicroscopyPANANGHAT, GAYATHRI; SHAHARE, AISHWARYA; Dept. of Biology; 20181093
May-2023Probing ultra-slow magnetisation relaxation in transition metal fluorides through DC and AC magnetometryBAJPAI, ASHNA; TOMAR, SHASHWAT SINGH; Dept. of Physics; 20181171
May-2023Characterization of Spiroplasma citri MreB1PANANGHAT, GAYATHRI; UTHAMAN, AKHILESH; Dept. of Biology; 20181019
Jun-2023Modelling Homeostatic Plasticity in the CA3-CA1 Synapse in the HippocampusNADKARNI, SUHITA; MALLYA, VARUN; Dept. of Biology; 20181084
May-2023Biochemical Studies of SARS-CoV-2 Non-structural Protein NSP14 and NiRAN Domain of NSP12KAYARAT, SAIKRISHNAN; NAVAS.P, MUHAMMED; Dept. of Biology; 20181077
Apr-2023Causation, Responsibility, and Climate ChangeMenon, Tarun; WASIM, MOHAMMAD; Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences; 20171099
May-2023Quantitative analysis of the Arabidopsis shoot apical meristem during floral transitionFormosa-Jordan, Pau; Coupland, George; THAMPI, JOHN; Dept. of Biology; 20181159
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1475