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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2015Personality along the boldness-shyness axis in Psammophilus dorsalisIsvaran, Kavita; BHAVE, RACHANA S; Dept. of Biology; 20101084
May-2015Gravitational Waves from Inspiralling Compact Binaries: Partial 3.5 PN Modes, Higher Order Stationary Phase ApproximationIyer, Bala; TOLAMATTI, ANILKUMAR; Dept. of Physics; 20101001
May-2015Generation of miRNA160 and miR166 endogenous Target Mimicry (eTM) transgenic lines in potato and their assessment against Phytophthora interactions.BANERJEE, ANJAN K.; K S, SUPREETH; Dept. of Biology; 20091087
May-2015Generation of miR156 knockdown lines and expression analysis of putative miRNAs involved in potato tuberisationBANERJEE, ANJAN K.; REVI, NEERAJA; Dept. of Biology; 20101003
Apr-2015Arbitrary spin theories in light-cone gaugeANANTH, SUDARSHAN; Y S, AKSHAY; Dept. of Physics; 20101007
May-2015Synthesis & Characterization of Tripyrrine (furan & selenophene) and Conjugated Furan MacrocyclesANAND, V.G.; KUMAR, MANISH; Dept. of Chemistry; 20101005
May-2015Habitat use by the wild ungulate, sambar deer (Cervus unicolor) in the shola-grassland ecosystemAnkaran, Mahesh S.; MARIYAM, DINCY; Dept. of Biology; 20101023
May-2015Image based quantification of cell sizes in S. aureus: Effect of environmental factorsATHALE, CHAITANYA A.; PRIYATHAM, PEDIREDLA; Dept. of Biology; 20091052
May-2015Genetic Structure in genus Philautus(Gistel,1848; Family: Rhacophoridae, Order:Anura) along an altitudinal gradient in the Eastern HimalayasATHREYA, RAMANA; MISHRA, ANURAG; Dept. of Biology; 20101051
May-2015An attempt to standardize VIGS based knockdown tool for floral Organ Identity Genes in Coccinia grandisBANERJEE, ANJAN K.; KUSHWAHA, SHAILENDRA; Dept. of Biology; 20101049