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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2018Emergence of controlled dynamics and role of topology in complex networksAMBIKA, G.; GAKHARE, HARSH; Dept. of Physics; 20131130
May-2018Aspects of field theories in the light-cone formalismANANTH, SUDARSHAN; SHAH, NABHA; Dept. of Physics; 20131121
May-2018Analysis and modeling of epithelial tissue organization during head involution stage of Drosophila embryogenesisATHALE, CHAITANYA A.; DAS, ABHISHEK; Dept. of Biology; 20131056
May-2018Role of External Forcing in Directional Instability of Microtubule TransportATHALE, CHAITANYA A.; JAWALE, YASH; Dept. of Biology; 20131092
May-2018Evolutionary mechanisMS of asymmetric spindle positioning in nematode embyosATHALE, CHAITANYA A.; SETHI, TANMAYA; Dept. of Biology; 20131132
Apr-2018Network mechanisMS that represent novelty and familiarity in the medial Entorhinal Cortex (mEC)ASSISI, COLLINS; KRISHNAN, BHARATH; Dept. of Biology; 20131116
May-2018Mechanism of translesional synthesis repair in Caulobacter crescentus.Badrinarayanan, Anjana; SHINDE, PRACHI; Dept. of Biology; 20131129
May-2018Evaluating immune cells in physiological settings: Studying the neonatal immune landscapes and the effect of fever-range temperatures on T-cell differentiationBAL, VINEETA; PHADKE, IRA; Dept. of Biology; 20131120
May-2018Matrix Stiffness Dependent Regulation of Golgi OrganizationBALASUBRAMANIAN, NAGARAJ; KASHERWAL, VISHAKHA; Dept. of Biology; 20131001
May-2018Visible Emission from Hexagonal Boron Nitride Nanosheets upon Molecular DopingBALLAV, NIRMALYA; KUMAR, VIKASH; Dept. of Chemistry; 20131011