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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2019Fluoroprobe - Tagged Polysaccharide Vesicles for Drug Delivery ApplicationJAYAKANNAN, MANICKAM; DAWARE, RASIKA; Dept. of Chemistry; 20141126
Apr-2019Transdiagnostic Investigation of Psychiatric Disorders with Transcranial Magnetic StimulationArumugham, Shyam Sundar; EKTARE, ABOLI; Dept. of Biology; 20141075
Apr-2019How cells respond to changing matrix stiffness in 2D and 3D microenvironments: Role of Caveolin-1 and its phosphorylationBALASUBRAMANIAN, NAGARAJ; NIVEDHIKA, KANNAN; Dept. of Biology; 20141089
May-2019A study of some Arithmetic Properties of Elliptic CurvesBALASUBRAMANYAM, BASKAR; B, POORNIMA; Dept. of Mathematics; 20141127
Apr-2019Dynamics of Pulse-Coupled Inhibitory NetworksASSISI, COLLINS; CHOWDHARY, SANDEEP; Dept. of Biology; 20141027
Apr-2019Modulation of Electrical and Thermal Conductivity in Metal-Organic Framework by Conducting PolymerBALLAV, NIRMALYA; JADHAV, ASHWINI; Dept. of Chemistry; 20131118
Apr-2019Modulating Electrical Conductivity by Activating Open-Metal Sites in Interfacially Grown Coordination Polymer Thin FilmBALLAV, NIRMALYA; PRASOON, ANUPAM; Dept. of Chemistry; 20141001
Apr-2019Bound on Torsion Points on Elliptic Curves over Number FieldsBANERJEE, DEBARGHA; NASIT, DARSHAN; Dept. of Mathematics; 20141058
Mar-2019Large D Membrane Paradigm with Generic Four Derivative corrections to GravityBANERJEE, NABAMITA; KAR, ADITYA; Dept. of Physics; 20141023
Apr-2019Biochemical studies on a SNP and Patient Mutations in Mitochondrial B12 ProteinsBanerjee, Ruma; GOUDA, HARSHA; Dept. of Chemistry; 20141041