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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2022Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation of Alzheimer's Protein TauUDGAONKAR, JAYANT; GUPTA, NIKITA; Dept. of Biology; 20171218
Mar-2017Intrasexual Signalling and Aggression in male rock agama, Psammophilus dorsalisIsvaran, Kavita; MAHISHI, SHRINIDHI; Dept. of Biology; 20121085
Mar-2017Functional characterization of Arabidopsis orthologs of PAT1 gene in Physcomitrella patens (P. patens)BANERJEE, ANJAN K.; JOGDAND, SUKANYA; Dept. of Biology; 20121038
Apr-2020Diagnosing Cervical Cancer with Deep LearningGOEL, PRANAY; BHARTIYA, SNEHAL; Dept. of Biology; 20151023
Apr-2020Identification of novel lyso-PS lipase in mammalian tissuesKAMAT, SIDDHESH S.; SAJEEVAN, THEJA; Dept. of Biology; 20151057
May-2018Analysis and modeling of epithelial tissue organization during head involution stage of Drosophila embryogenesisATHALE, CHAITANYA A.; DAS, ABHISHEK; Dept. of Biology; 20131056
May-2018Role of External Forcing in Directional Instability of Microtubule TransportATHALE, CHAITANYA A.; JAWALE, YASH; Dept. of Biology; 20131092
May-2018Evolutionary mechanisMS of asymmetric spindle positioning in nematode embyosATHALE, CHAITANYA A.; SETHI, TANMAYA; Dept. of Biology; 20131132
Apr-2019How cells respond to changing matrix stiffness in 2D and 3D microenvironments: Role of Caveolin-1 and its phosphorylationBALASUBRAMANIAN, NAGARAJ; NIVEDHIKA, KANNAN; Dept. of Biology; 20141089
May-2015Habitat use by the wild ungulate, sambar deer (Cervus unicolor) in the shola-grassland ecosystemAnkaran, Mahesh S.; MARIYAM, DINCY; Dept. of Biology; 20101023