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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2018Emergence of controlled dynamics and role of topology in complex networksAMBIKA, G.; GAKHARE, HARSH; Dept. of Physics; 20131130
May-2018Aspects of field theories in the light-cone formalismANANTH, SUDARSHAN; SHAH, NABHA; Dept. of Physics; 20131121
Apr-2017Synthesis of cobalt and cobalt oxide filled carbon nanotubesBAJPAI, ASHNA; SINGH, NITESH; Dept. of Physics; 20121012
Apr-2017Synthesis and Magneto-transport Measurements in Magnetoresistive Core-Shell material and 2-D Magnetic OxidesBAJPAI, ASHNA; HOMKAR, SUVIDYAKUMAR; Dept. of Physics; 20121077
Nov-2016Waves in Magnetic Structures in Solar AtmosphereBanerjee, Dipankar; TIWARI, AJAY KUMAR; Dept. of Physics; 20111009
Mar-2019Large D Membrane Paradigm with Generic Four Derivative corrections to GravityBANERJEE, NABAMITA; KAR, ADITYA; Dept. of Physics; 20141023
May-2018Study of physics algorithMS to setup an efficient trigger for the selection of boosted top quark production where the top decays semi-leptonically, in the CMS experimentBanerjee, Sudeshna; MAURYA, MURLI KARTIK; Dept. of Physics; 20131002
May-2020An analysis of Page Curve and the Information ParadoxKrishnan, Chethan; PATIL, VAISHNAVI; Dept. of Physics; 20151168
2022Fidelity susceptibility approach to study metastable phase separated states in the extended Bose-Hubbard ladderNATH, REJISH; MADHUSUDAN, ASHWATHNARAYANAN; Dept. of Physics; 20171023
Apr-2022Bell State Measurements in Quantum Information Theory and Quantum FoundationsRAGHAVAN, G; RAPOL, UMAKANT D.; JAMUNKAR, ABHISHEK; Dept. of Physics; 20171214