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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2017Corrosion behavior of mild steel in glycol solution.Barik, Rakesh Chandra; SELVAKUMAR, JOCINTH; Dept. of Chemistry; 20101088
Apr-2017Fitness Effects of Changing Codon Bias of two genes – mauA and mtdA in Methylobacterium extorquens AM1Agashe, Deepa; WALUNJKAR, NILIMA; Dept. of Biology; 20121040
Apr-2017Harmonic analysis on locally symmetric spaces associated to cocompact discrete subgroups of SL2(R)BHAGWAT, CHANDRASHEEL; NAIR, AJITH; Dept. of Mathematics; 20121090
Apr-2017Study of effects of confinement on vortex structure in dilute Bose-Einstein condensateBHATTACHARYAY, ARIJIT; BODAS, ARUSHI; Dept. of Physics; 20121107
Dec-2016On Cancellation Properties in Affine GeometryBhatwadekar, S.M.; MOHAMMAD, MUNAIF IQBAL AHMED; Dept. of Mathematics; 20111018
Mar-2017Metal- Organic Materials Derived From Amino P(V) LigandsBOOMISHANKAR, RAMAMOORTHY; GAJHANS, KIRAN; Dept. of Chemistry; 20121032
Mar-2017Selective Orthogonal nitroalkane-alkyne 1, 3-dipolar Cycloadditions on peptides: A versatile approach for Biomolecular ConjugationGOPI, HOSAHUDYA N.; SUNNY, SEREENA; Dept. of Chemistry; 20121089
Mar-2017Foundations and Applications of Finite Strength Quantum Measurement and Weak ValueHome, Dipankar; PANDE, VARAD; Dept. of Physics; 20121080
Apr-2017Characterization of short sequence repeats of Type III Restriction Modification Enzyme MboIIIKAYARAT, SAIKRISHNAN; BHAGAT, KARISHMA R.; Dept. of Biology; 20121097
Mar-2017Understanding the molecular basis of base-specific interaction of Type IV restriction system McrBCKAYARAT, SAIKRISHNAN; MISHRA, GYANA; Dept. of Biology; 20121101