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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2017Intrasexual Signalling and Aggression in male rock agama, Psammophilus dorsalisIsvaran, Kavita; MAHISHI, SHRINIDHI; Dept. of Biology; 20121085
Dec-2016Generation of Tnt1 insertional mutants in moss (P. patens) and their molecular characterizationBANERJEE, ANJAN K.; RAJMANE, VYANKATESH; Dept. of Biology; 20101090
Mar-2017Functional characterization of Arabidopsis orthologs of PAT1 gene in Physcomitrella patens (P. patens)BANERJEE, ANJAN K.; JOGDAND, SUKANYA; Dept. of Biology; 20121038
Mar-2017Pyrene Tagged Functional Polycaprolactone for BioimagingJAYAKANNAN, MANICKAM; KUMAR, ABHISHEK; Dept. of Chemistry; 20121016
Apr-2017The Effect of Circuit Structure on Odour Representation in the Antennal Lobe - Mushroom Body CircuitASSISI, COLLINS; RAJAGOPALAN, ADITHYA E; Dept. of Biology; 20121018
Mar-2017Cellular and Network MechanisMS of Grid Cell Firing PatternsASSISI, COLLINS; SRIVATHSA, SAHANA; Dept. of Biology; 20121024
Mar-2017Surface Modifications of Halloysite Nanotubes by Layered Double Hydroxide for Efficient removal of Dyes from WastewaterBabu, B. Ramesh; SANTHOSH, L.; Dept. of Chemistry; 20101069
Apr-2017Synthesis of cobalt and cobalt oxide filled carbon nanotubesBAJPAI, ASHNA; SINGH, NITESH; Dept. of Physics; 20121012
Apr-2017Synthesis and Magneto-transport Measurements in Magnetoresistive Core-Shell material and 2-D Magnetic OxidesBAJPAI, ASHNA; HOMKAR, SUVIDYAKUMAR; Dept. of Physics; 20121077
Nov-2016Waves in Magnetic Structures in Solar AtmosphereBanerjee, Dipankar; TIWARI, AJAY KUMAR; Dept. of Physics; 20111009