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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2017Synthesis of cobalt and cobalt oxide filled carbon nanotubesBAJPAI, ASHNA; SINGH, NITESH; Dept. of Physics; 20121012
Apr-2017Synthesis and Magneto-transport Measurements in Magnetoresistive Core-Shell material and 2-D Magnetic OxidesBAJPAI, ASHNA; HOMKAR, SUVIDYAKUMAR; Dept. of Physics; 20121077
Nov-2016Waves in Magnetic Structures in Solar AtmosphereBanerjee, Dipankar; TIWARI, AJAY KUMAR; Dept. of Physics; 20111009
Apr-2017Study of effects of confinement on vortex structure in dilute Bose-Einstein condensateBHATTACHARYAY, ARIJIT; BODAS, ARUSHI; Dept. of Physics; 20121107
Mar-2017Foundations and Applications of Finite Strength Quantum Measurement and Weak ValueHome, Dipankar; PANDE, VARAD; Dept. of Physics; 20121080
Apr-2017Light Trapping using Anisotropic Plasmonic NanoparticlesKULKARNI, SULABHA; KAVYA, S.; Dept. of Physics; 20121048
Apr-2017Synthesis of nanocomposites of silica-gold core-shell nanoparticles and gold nanowires with conducting polymersKULKARNI, SULABHA; KUMAR, HARJOT; Dept. of Physics; 20121066
Apr-2017Study of Plasmon-Exciton Interactions in Metal-Semiconductor NanoparticlesKULKARNI, SULABHA; KUMAR, G. V. PAVAN; FULKAR, ABHIJIT; Dept. of Physics; 20121056
Apr-2017Study of Raman Antenna Effects of Anisotropic Plasmonic Metal NanostructuresKUMAR, G. V. PAVAN; JOG, HARSHVARDHAN; Dept. of Physics; 20121100
Apr-2017Study of single nanoparticle spectroscopy and Exciton-plasmon couplingKUMAR, G. V. PAVAN; SAWANT, RAJATH; Dept. of Physics; 20121035