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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2024Role of LMAN in Introductory Notes learning in the male zebra finchRAJAN, RAGHAV; SHARMA, VIDUSHI; Dept. of Biology; 20191072
May-2024Superconformal Field Theories: A Momentum Space VoyageJAIN, SACHIN; YADAV, SHIVANG; Dept. of Physics; 20191120
May-2024Major elemental chemistry of geothermal springs from the Deccan traps: Solute sources and chemical fluxesTRIPATHY, GYANA RANJAN; MAHATO, SAMARPAN; Dept. of Earth and Climate Science; 20226406
May-2024A proximity-based labelling approach to analyse lipid binding in proteinsPUCADYIL, THOMAS; SINGH, SWAYAM PRAKASH; Dept. of Biology; 20191122
May-2024Tracking Cytotoxic T-cell degranulation in diverse cholesterol conditionsKumari, Sudha; RANADE, AMOGH; Dept. of Biology; 20191009
May-2024Probing Post-Newtonian Formalism of Binary Black Holes in General Relativity and BeyondGanguly, Apratim; CHAKRAVARTI, PUSHPARAJ; Dept. of Physics; 20191176
May-2024The Novel Design of a Nano-Positioner for Interferometer-Based Atomic Force MicroscopePATIL, SHIVPRASAD; INGOLE, HRISHIKESH; Dept. of Physics; 20191193
May-2024Understanding 2D van der Waals Antiferrmagnets: MnPS3 and CrSBrDESHPANDE, APARNA; DALAI, SUBHRAJIT; Dept. of Physics; 20191148
May-2024Building a Deep Learning Model for Atmospheric Transport of GasesDeshpande, Shailesh; AGARWAL, GARVIT; Dept. of Data Science; 20191041
May-2024Probabilistic Unsupervised Learning with Heterogeneous Noisy DataNARLIKAR, LEELAVATI; PARDHI, SAMARTH; Dept. of Mathematics; 20191078
May-2024“Analyzing Synergies and Trade-offs within and between Sustainable Development Goals: A Global Perspective through the lens of Human Development Index”reddy, Tulasi; BEJOY, THOMAS; ., VARUN; Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences; 20191190
May-2024Reconstruction of Merged Electrons at CMSDUBE, SOURABH; SARKAR, SOUMYA; Dept. of Physics; 20191138
May-2024Investigating the interplay of auxin signaling and PLETHORA 7 during de novo root regenerationKALIKA, PRASAD; PRATHAM, SHIVHARE; Dept. of Biology; 20191012
May-2024Local Bandgap Variations In Moiré Structures - Origin And Parametric DependenceWilhelm, Jan; SHANBHAG, SHRIDHAR SANJAY; Dept. of Physics; 20191056
May-2024Hartree Fock theory for Electron gas in the mean field regimeBenedikter, Niels; MEHTA, RAVISH; Dept. of Mathematics; Dept. of Physics; 20191132
May-2024Spatial clustering of gravitational wave sources with k-nearest neighbour distributionsBANERJEE, ARKA; GUPTA, KAUSTUBH; Dept. of Physics; 20191179
May-2024Neural Activity During Introductory Vocalisations in Zebra FinchesRAJAN, RAGHAV; DUTTA, ABIR; Dept. of Biology; 20191092
May-2024An Exploration of the Effects of Clouds on the Characterization of a remote EarthKopparapu, Ravi; Saxena, Prabal; MONTEIRO, JOY; KELKAR, SOUMIL; Dept. of Physics; 20191091
May-2024Depth Map Preparation and Salient Object Segmentation using Focal stackChaugule, Ravindra; VISHWAKARMA, ANKIT KUMAR; Dept. of Data Science; 20191088
May-2024Cryptanalysis of Symmetric Ciphers in the Quantum RealmAdhikari, Avishek; GHOSH, RAJEET; Dept. of Mathematics; 20191079
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 1614