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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2024The Power and Tragedy of Vengeful Female Ghosts in Contemporary Indian CinemaH, Nikhila; SANCHETI, POOJA; KHANDEKAR, PALLAV; Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences; 20191098
May-2024Deciphering the co-formation of layered two-dimensional hybrid CdCl2(hexylamine)2 and CdS nanocrystalsNAG, ANGSHUMAN; PARTHIBAN, PAVITHRA; Dept. of Chemistry; 20226213
May-2024An Algorithm to Resolve Dynamics in Outer ApproximationsMischaikow, Konstantin; NARNAPATTI, ARYA; Dept. of Mathematics; 20191020
May-2024Quantum-Enhanced Reinforcement Learning Using Causal Models to Improve Resilience under Observational InterferenceChandra, M Girish; GOMATHI SANKAR, NAMASIVAYAM; Dept. of Physics; 20191026
May-2024Synthesis of Borocations and their Catalytic Application in CyanosilylationKHAN, SHABANA; BHAVSAR, PARTH; Dept. of Chemistry; 20226202
May-2024Efficient Organic Iodide and Iodine vapour phase capture by Viologen-based organic frameworkGHOSH, SUJIT K.; BANYLA, YASHASVI; Dept. of Chemistry; 20226207
May-2024Climatic niche divergence in allopatry shapes the speciation among select scolopendrid centipedes in Peninsular IndiaJoshi, Jahnavi; KUMAR, SUDHANSHU; Dept. of Biology; 20191199
May-2024Highly Conjugated Imidazoline Porous Organic Polymer (POP) for Green Photocatalytic Degradation of Toxic Mustard GasGHOSH, SUJIT K.; JAISWAL, VARTIKA; Dept. of Chemistry; 20226210
May-2024Functional Assessment of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Nir2 in the Context of NeurodegenerationPadinjat, Raghu; JAIN, ASHLI; Dept. of Biology; 20191082
May-2024Splittings of Binomial Edge IdealsVan Tuyl, Adam; Jayanthan, A.V.; SIVAKUMAR, ANIKETH; Dept. of Mathematics; 20191046
May-2024Study of low-momentum taus at CMSDUBE, SOURABH; BANERJEE, PARIJAT; Dept. of Physics; 20191063
May-2024Modelling Credit Risk using Survival Analysis and Bayesian TechniquesThekke, Ramanathan; MOHIRE, SANKET; Dept. of Mathematics; 20191070
May-2024Drift and Trapping of Particles Under Biased Motion on Disordered LatticesDHAR, DEEPAK; SINGH, HUNNERVIR; Dept. of Physics; 20181169
May-2024The Role of Developmental and Adult Diets in Modulating Reproductive Senescence: Insights from Drosophila melanogasterTung, Sudipta; B G, RUCHITHA; Dept. of Biology; 20181005
May-2024Paleostress analysis and petrography of Newer Dolerite Dykes from Ghatagaon and surrounding area of North Odisha Singhbhum CratonMohanty, Durga Prasanna; BHATTACHARYYA, PARITOSH; Dept. of Earth and Climate Science; 20226402
May-2024Sources and cycling of vanadium in a tropical coastal lagoon system and the Bay of BengalTRIPATHY, GYANA RANJAN; MITRA, RANIRIA; Dept. of Earth and Climate Science; 20226403
May-2024A Novel AI based prognostic approach using histopathology images for Hodgkin LymphomaJadhav, Kshitij; ROHAN, RAKSHIT; Dept. of Data Science; 20191171
May-2024Temperature-Dependent Structure-Property Relationship in [(4AMTP)PbBr2]2PbBr4 Single CrystalNAG, ANGSHUMAN; SHINGOTE, AJINKYA; Dept. of Chemistry; 20191136
May-2024A Course-Grained Model for DNA Loop ExtrusionVirnau, Peter; CHATTERJI, APRATIM; PINTO, ADRIAN JOHN; Dept. of Physics; 20191015
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1614