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Title: Synthesis of graphene by chemical vapor deposition method and the study of its electronic properties.
Authors: Deshmukh, Mandar
Dept. of Physics
Keywords: 2011
chemical vapor deposition
Issue Date: May-2011
Abstract: This project was aimed at developing monolayer graphene by the Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) method and to study its electronic properties at room and low temperatures. In order to optimize the growth conditions for continuous monolayer graphene, growth has been done at different temperature and pressure. We have tried different cleaning protocols and etchants for getting clean graphene. In terms of the residues left after etching, sodium persulfate has proved to be a better etchant than ferric chloride. Over the CVD grown graphene the devices were fabricated using Electron Beam Lithography. By using the Hall-bar-type electrode con figuration we measure magnetoresistances and Hall resistances in a transverse magnetic eld. A gating effect is measured by applying gate voltage to the Si back gate. We characterized the electronic properties and the mobility of the devices have been found to be 7093 cm2V-1s-1 for a device of area 88.26 μm2 at 1.4 K.
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