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Title: Pd loaded amphiphilic COF as catalyst for multi-fold Heck reactions, C-C couplings and CO oxidation
Shalini, Sorout
Sreedhala, Sheshadri
Vinod, Chathakudath P.
Dept. of Chemistry
Keywords: Pd loaded amphiphilic
COF as catalyst
CO oxidation
Covalent organic frameworks
Organic reactions
Issue Date: Jun-2015
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
Citation: Scientific Reports , 5, 10876.
Abstract: COFs represent a class of polymers with designable crystalline structures capable of interacting with active metal nanoparticles to form excellent heterogeneous catalysts. Many valuable ligands/monomers employed in making coordination/organic polymers are prepared via Heck and C-C couplings. Here, we report an amphiphilic triazine COF and the facile single-step loading of Pd0 nanoparticles into it. An 18–20% nano-Pd loading gives highly active composite working in open air at low concentrations (Conc. Pd(0) <0.05 mol%, average TON 1500) catalyzing simultaneous multiple site Heck couplings and C-C couplings using ‘non-boronic acid’ substrates and exhibits good recyclability with no sign of catalyst leaching. As an oxidation catalyst, it shows 100% conversion of CO to CO2 at 150 °C with no loss of activity with time and between cycles. Both vapor sorptions and contact angle measurements confirm the amphiphilic character of the COF. DFT-TB studies showed the presence of Pd-triazine and Pd-Schiff bond interactions as being favorable.
ISSN: 2045-2322
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