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Title: Perfluoroalkylchain conjugation as a new tactic for enhancing cell permeability of peptide nucleic acids (PNAs) via reducing the nanoparticle size
Authors: Ellipilli, Satheesh
Murthy, Raghavendra Vasudeva
Dept. of Chemistry
Keywords: New tactic
Cell permeability
Peptide nucleic acids
Reducing the nanoparticle size
Lipids to promote
Issue Date: Oct-2015
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Citation: Chemical Communications, 52(3), 521-524 .
Abstract: Perfluoro undecanoyl chain conjugated peptide nucleic acids (PNAs) show 2.5 to 3 fold higher cellular uptake efficiency in NIH 3T3 and HeLa cells compared to simple undecanoyl PNAs. Fluorination of PNAs leads to the formation of lower size (∼100–250 nm) nanoparticles compared to larger size (∼500 nm) nanoparticles from non-fluorinated PNAs, thereby improving the efficiency of cell penetration.
ISSN: 1359-7345
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