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Title: 3D Polyaniline Architecture by Concurrent Inorganic and Organic Acid Doping for Superior and Robust High Rate Supercapacitor Performance
Banerjee, Abhik
Deo, Meenal
Bulani, Dinesh
Wadgaonkar, Prakash P.
Shelke, Manjusha
Dept. of Physics
Keywords: 3D Polyaniline Architecture
Concurrent Inorganic
Organic Acid Doping
Supercapacitor Performance
Concurrent and optimized strong-inorganic
Issue Date: Feb-2016
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
Citation: Scientific Reports, 6, 21002.
Abstract: A good high rate supercapacitor performance requires a fine control of morphological (surface area and pore size distribution) and electrical properties of the electrode materials. Polyaniline (PANI) is an interesting material in supercapacitor context because it stores energy Faradaically. However in conventional inorganic (e.g. HCl) acid doping, the conductivity is high but the morphological features are undesirable. On the other hand, in weak organic acid (e.g. phytic acid) doping, interesting and desirable 3D connected morphological features are attained but the conductivity is poorer. Here the synergy of the positive quality factors of these two acid doping approaches is realized by concurrent and optimized strong-inorganic (HCl) and weak-organic (phytic) acid doping, resulting in a molecular composite material that renders impressive and robust supercapacitor performance. Thus, a nearly constant high specific capacitance of 350 F g−1 is realized for the optimised case of binary doping over the entire range of 1 A g−1 to 40 A g−1 with stability of 500 cycles at 40 A g−1. Frequency dependant conductivity measurements show that the optimized co-doped case is more metallic than separately doped materials. This transport property emanates from the unique 3D single molecular character of such system.
ISSN: 2045-2322
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