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Title: Glyco-gold nanoparticle shapes enhance carbohydrate-protein interactions in mammalian cells
Authors: Sangabathuni, Sivakoti
Murthy, Raghavendra Vasudeva
Chaudhary, Preeti Madhukar
Surve, Manalee
Banerjee, Anirban
Dept. of Chemistry
Keywords: Glyco-gold nanoparticle
Carbohydrate-mediated interactions
Issue Date: Jun-2016
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Citation: Nanoscale, 8(25),12729-12735.
Abstract: Advances in shape-dependent nanoparticle (NP) research have prompted a close scrutiny of the behaviour of nanostructures in vitro and in vivo. Data pertaining to cellular uptake and site specific sequestration of different shapes of NPs will undoubtedly assist researchers to design better nano-probes for therapeutic and imaging purposes. Herein, we investigated the shape dependent uptake of glyco-gold nanoparticles (G-AuNPs) in different cancer cell lines. Specifically, we have compared the behaviour of spherical, rod and star AuNPs with mannose and galactose conjugations. In vitro experiments showed that the rod-AuNPs exhibited the highest uptake over that of the star and spherical counterparts. Further, an investigation of the mechanism of the uptake clearly demonstrated clathrin mediated endocytosis of the specific G-AuNPs. These results reveal the benefits of different G-AuNP shapes in carbohydrate-mediated interactions.
ISSN: 2040-3364
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