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Title: (0 0 1) faceted mesoporous anatase TiO2 microcubes as superior insertion anode in practical Li-ion configuration with LiMn2O4
Authors: Game, Onkar
Kumari, Tanya
Singh, Upendra
Aravindan, Vanchiappan
Madhavi, Srinivasan
Dept. of Physics
Keywords: Faceted mesoporous anatase
Configuration with LiMn2O4
Single crystalline nature
Issue Date: Apr-2016
Publisher: Elsevier B.V.
Citation: Energy Storage Materials, 3, 106-112.
Abstract: Anatase TiO2 microcubes with a unique (0 0 1) facets, single crystalline nature and highly uniform mesoporous morphology are shown to yield an excellent performance as efficient insertion anode material for lithium-ion battery application in both half cell (Li/TiO2) and full-cell (LiMn2O4/TiO2) assemblies. This material displays a stable reversible capacity of ~150 mA h g–1 (current density of 150 mA g–1) after 250 cycles with capacity retention of ~73% in the half-cell configuration. In full-cell assembly with spinel LiMn2O4 it shows remarkable ~74% retention of the initial capacity after 1000 cycles at 2 C rate, with an operating potential of ~2.2 V which is the one of the most stable performances shown for anatase TiO2 based Li-ion batteries in a full-cell assembly. We also highlight and discuss the effective contributions of mesopores and single crystalline nature along with the highly exposed (0 0 1) facets towards such efficient Li-insertion/extraction processes over a long duration as revealed from cycling stability.
ISSN: 2405-8297
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