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Title: Coding the encoded: automatic decryption of kaTapayAdi and AryabhaTa’s systems of numeration
Authors: Anusha, R.
Nithya, C.
Ramanathan, V.
Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences
Keywords: Ancient number systems
Automatic decryption
Encoding numbers
Linguistic phrases
Issue Date: Feb-2017
Publisher: Indian Academy of Sciences
Citation: Current science, 112(3),558.
Abstract: AryabhaTa’s and kaTapayAdi systems of encoding numbers in Sanskrit words have been in vogue since antiquity in Indian science. The process of decryption and decoding such numbers from the verses has been achieved only manually hitherto. Automating this process has been the focus of this communication. The process of decryption was achieved using a code written in LabVIEW platform of programing.
ISSN: 0011-3891
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