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Title: Facile one step synthesis of Cu-g-C3N4 electrocatalyst realized oxygen reduction reaction with excellent methanol crossover impact and durability
Authors: Sarkar, Subhajit
Sumukh, S. S.
Kamboj, Navpreet
Purkait, Taniya
Das, Manisha
Dey, Ramendra Sundar
Dept. of Chemistry
Keywords: g-C3N4
Oxygen reduction reaction
Fuel cell
Nonprecious metal catalyst
Issue Date: Jan-2020
Publisher: Elsevier B.V.
Citation: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 558, 182-189.
Abstract: Non-precious metal doped carbonaceous materials are currently the most promising alternative towards oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) electrocatalysts in terms of cost, accessibility, efficiency and durability. In this work, a simple one-step pyrolysis process was used for the synthesis of copper doped graphitic carbon nitride (Cu-g-C3N4) as electrocatalyst. The as-synthesized Cu-g-C3N4 material is displaying excellent electrocatalytic response towards ORR in alkaline medium. In comparison to commercial Pt/C catalyst, Cu-g-C3N4 exhibits high methanol tolerance, long term stability, without compromising (4e?) electron transfer pathway process and attaining less than 4% H2O2 formation. The enhanced electrocatalytic behaviour may be ascribed to the formation of active sites strongly coupled into the nitrogen-rich carbon matrix. Such a low-cost, extremely durable and stable electrocatalyst can therefore be regarded as an efficient cathodic material, which can be utilized for several renewable energy conversion technologies such as fuel cell, biofuel cell and metal-air battery.
ISSN: 1095-7103
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