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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2024Evaluating the need for a paradigm shift in the understanding of pathogenesis of type 2 diabetesWATVE, MILIND G; GALANDE, SANJEEV; OJHA, AKANKSHA; Dept. of Biology; 20143321
Jul-2024An Improved Weichselian Seismic Stratigraphy, Subsurface Fluid Migration Patterns and Methane Hydrate Dynamics, Offshore West SvalbardSARKAR, SUDIPTA; TRIVEDI, AKASH; Dept. of Earth and Climate Science; 20183607
Jun-2024Cross-kingdom affairs: Can microRNAs of host plants regulate genes of their insect herbivores?PANDIT, SAGAR; BARDAPURKAR, RUTWIK; Dept. of Biology; 20152009
May-2024Design and Development of Rechargeable Proton BatteryMUSTHAFA OTTAKAM, MUHAMMED; C D, NEETHU; Dept. of Chemistry; 20173537
May-2024Metal-Mediated Self-Assembled Architectures of Structured PeptidesGOPI, HOSAHUDYA; ROY, SOUVIK; Dept. of Chemistry; 20183592
May-2024Synthesis, Structural Characterization and Tuning Electronic Properties in Planar and Large PorphyrinoidsANAND, V. G.; SHUKLA, PRAGATI; Dept. of Chemistry; 20183574
May-2024Characterization and Control of Quantum Dynamics: Computational Methodology Developments and NMR DemonstrationsT S, MAHESH; BATRA, PRIYA; Dept. of Physics; 20162032
May-2024Control of Organ Size and Shape During the Differential Development of Wing and Haltere in DrosophilaSHASHIDHARA, L.S.; DILSHA, C; Dept. of Biology; 20173517
May-2024Exploring molecular recognition of small molecule binding, protein-protein interactions, and RNA folding dynamics using enhanced sampling methodsMUKHERJEE, ARNAB; VIJAY, AMAL; Dept. of Chemistry; 20193628
May-2024Celestial Impact: A Cultural Narrative of Lonar Crater through Architectural FormsSOHONI, PUSHKAR; JOSHI, SWAPNA; Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences; 20173567
May-2024Intra and Intermolecular Modulation of n→π* Non-covalent Interaction: Gas-phase Laser Spectroscopy and Quantum Chemistry CalculationsDAS, ALOKE; PANWARIA, PRAKASH; Dept. of Chemistry; 20162024
May-2024Statin mediated regulation of SATB family of proteins and β-catenin in colorectal cancerGALANDE, SANJEEV; TRIPATHI, SNEHA; Dept. of Biology; 20152015
May-20242D DC Resistivity modeling for anisotropic subsurface with variable topography based on mimetic finite-difference methodDEHIYA, RAHUL; SURYAVANSHI, DEEPAK; Dept. of Earth and Climate Science; 20183581
May-2024Environment-sensitive nucleotide analogs serve as good substrates and probes to study the activity of nucleic acid processing enzymesSRIVATSAN, SEERGAZHI G.; GHOSH, PULAK; Dept. of Chemistry; 20162018
May-2024Characterization of the plant-derived isotopic proxies for precipitation reconstruction in the tropicsMANAGAVE, SHREYAS; SAISHREE, AMRITA; Dept. of Earth and Climate Science; 20183580
May-2024Exploring the nature and strength of S H···O hydrogen bond employing gas phase laser spectroscopy and quantum chemistry calculationsDAS, ALOKE; METYA, SURAJIT; Dept. of Chemistry; 20173536
Apr-2024Synthesis and Utilization of Non-ribosomal Amino Acids Consisting of Carbon-Carbon Double Bonds in the Design of Hybrid Peptide FoldamersGOPI, HOSAHUDYA N.; NALAWADE, SACHIN A.; Dept. of Chemistry; 20153374
Apr-2024Ligand assisted molecular electrocatalysis and molecular charge storageMUSTHAFA OTTAKAM, MUHAMMED; MUKHOPADHYAY, SANCHAYITA; Dept. of Chemistry; 20183605
Apr-2024Understanding the regulation of transcription factor SP1 via Wnt and Hippo signaling pathways in colon development and cancerGALANDE, SANJEEV; SHARMA, ANKITA; Dept. of Biology; 20153386
Apr-2024Designed Development of Ultra-microporous, Amine-rich and Hydrophobic Metal Organic Frameworks for Humid CO2 Capture and Natural Gas PurificationVAIDHYANATHAN, RAMANATHAN; SINGH, HIMAN DEV; Dept. of Chemistry; 20183598
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 583