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Title: The effect of concentration in the patterning of silica particles by the soft lithographic technique
Authors: Singh, Akanksha
Malek, Chantal Khan
Dept. of Physics
Keywords: Physics
Issue Date: Dec-2008
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Citation: Smart Materials and Structures, 17(6).
Abstract: Soft lithography provides remarkable surface patterning techniques to organize colloidal particles for a wide variety of applications. In particular, micromolding in capillaries (MIMIC) has emerged as a patterning method in the nanometer to micrometer scale in a single step by using templating and directing nanoparticles via capillary forces in the channel. The present work reports the results of the micropatterning of monodispersed silica particles of ~338 ± 2 nm size in ethanol medium, using MIMIC on silicon substrates. The effect of the concentration of silica particles on the patterning has been investigated. The patterns are well aligned and completely filled at 2 wt% concentration of silica particles.
ISSN: 0964-1726
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