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Title: Gliolectin positively regulates Notch signalling during wing-vein specification in Drosophila
Dept. of Biology
Keywords: Glec
Wing vein development
D/V boundary
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU Press
Citation: International Journal of Developmental Biology, 59(4-6), 187-194.
Abstract: Notch signalling is essential for animal development. It integrates multiple pathways controlling cell fate and specification. Here we report the genetic characterization of Gliolectin, presumably a lectin, a cytoplasmic protein, significantly enriched in Golgi bodies. Its expression overlaps with regions where Notch is activated. Loss of gliolectin function results in ectopic veins, while gain of its function causes loss of wing veins. It positively regulates Enhancer of split m beta, a target of Notch signalling. These observations suggest that it is a positive regulator of Notch signalling during wing development in Drosophila.
ISSN: 0214-6282
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