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Title: Synthesis and magnetic behaviour of Er3AlCx
Authors: Ghule, S.S.
Garde, C.S.
Ramakrishnan, S.
Rajarajan, A.K.
Laad, M.
Dept. of Physics
Keywords: Er3AlCx
Magnetic behaviour
Issue Date: Jul-2019
Publisher: AIP Publishing
Citation: AIP Conference Proceedings, 2115(1).
Abstract: High quality polycrystalline Er3AlCx (x = 0.8 and 1) system is synthesized using conventional tri arc melting. X-ray diffraction of Er3AlC is analyzed using Rietveld method which reveals single phase formation with Pm-3m cubic perovskite structure. Susceptibility curve indicates antiferromagnetic ordering at Neel temperatureTN=3.1 K. The values of θp and μeff deduced from inverse susceptibility curve are consistent with magnetic ordering temperature and theoretical value for Er3+ ion, respectively. Metamagnetic transition is found at 10 kOe.
ISBN: 9780735418516
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