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Title: Entanglement distillation using various quantum channels
Authors: Verma, Akash
Pandey, Abhinav
Panigrahi, P. K.
Dept. of Physics
Keywords: Long distance communication
Quantum systems
Issue Date: Jan-2014
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: 2013 Fourth International Conference on Computing, Communications and Networking Technologies (ICCCNT).
Abstract: Long distance communication using quantum systems has been an area of great interest. The use of quantum repeaters in quantum systems is essential for successful long distance communication. The use of quantum memories in quantum repeaters faces a problem of entanglement loss. The remedy for entanglement loss is the entanglement distillation. In this paper we have described a protocol for entanglement distillation. The pairs of W, Bell and GHZ type entangled states were used as channels and sited their probabilistic success in entanglement distillation of a two qubit non-maximally entangled unknown state. The results obtained from quantum distillation using different quantum channels are compared and the best protocol for quantum distillation can be used in quantum memories which are used in quantum repeaters for efficient long distance communication.
ISBN: 9781480000000
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