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Title: Obtaining the planetary longitudes
Ramasubramanian, K.
Sriram, M. S.
Srinivas, M. D.
Ramasubramanian, K.
Sriram, M. S.
Srinivas, M. D.
Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences
Keywords: Humanities and Social Sciences
Issue Date: Mar-2018
Publisher: Springer Nature
Citation: Karaṇapaddhati of Putumana Somayājī , 177–232.
Abstract: The true epicycle Circumference in minutes (sphuṭavṛttakalās) of the Sun is 03 (gānam ) and that of the Moon is 07 (sthānam) always (in all the quadrants). The [dimensions of the] circumferences of the manda and the śīghra [epicycles] of the planets starting from Mars in minutes, at the beginning of the odd and the even quadrants, in order, are 14 (vandya), 18 (divya), 53 (guṇī) and 51 (kṛṣṇa) [for Mars]; 07 (sūnu), 05 (mānī), 31 (kalā) and 29 (dhara) [for Mercury]; 07 (sthānaṃ), 04 (dānaṃ), 16 (tapo) and 15 (mānyaṃ) [for Jupiter]; 04 (bhānuḥ), 02 (prājño), 59 (dhamaḥ) and 57 (samaḥ) [for Venus]; 09 (dhanī), 13 (loko), 09 (dhanaṃ) and 08 (dānaṃ) [for Saturn]. These are stated separately for different quadrants after being divided (apavartita) by 270.
ISBN: 978-981-10-6813-3
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